Photo Of The Day: A Beautiful Bridal Portrait By Wedding Photogtapher Aaron Storry

beautiful bridal portrait by aaron storry

Wedding Photographer Northamptonshire
Grendon Lakes, Northants, UK
Aaron Storry Wedding Photography

Sam and Scott chose the amazing Grendon Lakes in Northants to frame their festival themes wedding. It was a gorgeous summers day with amazing light, laughs and live music from acts across the globe. A real party vibe!

This is the beautiful Sam on the morning of her wedding. We had gone upstairs to find her shoes in the room this picture was taken – it was a bit of a mess (standard for the morning of a wedding) but I had an idea for a portrait which would mean we didn’t need to spend any precious time tidying things away. I closed the curtains – just off to the right which darkened off the entire space leaving it feeling a little mysterious and stood Sam about 1 meter back. This is the result, a clean stunning portrait, free from visual distractions. Space always seems to be at a premium and this was no exception, I had to push myself as far back as possible and use a 35mm lens for this wedding photo.

Throughout the last 2 years I’ve used a Canon 1Dx (and 5D3’s) this picture was taken with the 1Dx with a 35mm 1.4 lens. I love how I can meter on a focus point on the 1Dx, so I got an accurate exposure on Sam’s skin tones and the rest fell into place. Technically it’s a simple shot, I think where the picture succeeds is in the mood and tone set by Sam, it was a genuine moment of excitement and nervousness, that’s something you can’t fake or edit later in photoshop. I carried out a simple black and white conversion using my own preset, nothing else was required. I left Sam exactly how I found her, no editing/retouching on her whatsoever. I went with black and white to emphasise the feeling this moment conveys, I think mono is a wonderful way of reducing a photo down to the contents by removing visual distractions – as it happens there wasn’t anything in this frame which distracts away from Sam, but it’s a nice trick to simplify a moment and create/stir emotions.

Couples are always shocked that I can capture images and transform the spaces they’re shot in. I get this a lot: “Wow, you took that in my bedroom” or “I had no idea you could make my lounge look so cool”! I love creating moments in spaces that my couples are familiar with, but doing it in an unfamiliar way, it’s an exciting process. The couple love this frame and so do I for the same reasons.

Wedding Photographer Northamptonshire

The Select Bride’s Thoughts

This is simple a beautiful portrait, wonderful soft lighting that places all the focus on the bride.  All whilst transforming the space the bride is in to make this wedding photo look like a studio shot.

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