Photo Of The Day: Atmospheric Wedding Dance By Gaelle Le Berre

Wedding Photographer Mount Waverley, Australia
Manoir de Kerhuel, in Plonéour Lanvern, Brittany, France
Wedding Photographer Gaelle Le Berre

I am a French wedding photographer who immigrated to Australia, I’ve been living in Melbourne with my Aussie husband and 3 children a little more than 2 years ago now.

I have been in the wedding industry for the last 8 years and I am loving every bit of it.

Salma the bride are originally from Canada and her groom Jean-Baptiste from Quimper, Brittany, France.

A lovely couple plenty of laughs and joyful moments.

The day was pretty overcast all day for a 30th of September. But we were lucky enough to have the ceremony outside on the grass as they wanted to. Right after the ceremony, it started to rain.

The Shot

I started to take photos of the dance floor from the front as I usually do when I photograph the first dance. I had my two cobra flash at the back and just as I was taking this shot, the DJ shined his spot light right on the couple (who by the way aren’t the bride and groom), but they are the ones who got the dance floor going after this shot.

I was lucky enough to be at the right place and at the right time. You can see the actual silhouette of the groom at the back right inside with his bride next to him.

It wasn’t a hard shot to capture. I try to be where I am supposed to in order to capture the essence of a wedding and the light was just right. I always like to face everyone from the front of the Dance floor in order to capture the whole moment.

Techinical Details

Nikon D4S Iso 320 24mm f3.5 @1/200 sec. I always change my settings in order to get a different atmosphere for each moment. No real post work apart from a simple B&W conversion.

I didn’t see the shot straight away to say the truth. I always to need to come back to my photos after a few weeks to have another look at them to have another fresh look.

My couple are very happy about this shot and about all the different awards I received for it.

Wedding Photographer Australia

Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

an atmospheric timeless black and white shot and it’s not even of the bride and groom.

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