Photo Of The Day: Artistic Bridal Photo By Martin Hecht Germany

wedding photographer germany martin hecht

Wedding Photographer Germany
Camin Hotel, Colmegna Lago Maggiore, Italy
Wedding Photographer Martin Hecht

This was the wedding of Julia and Oli, the wedding took place in Italy, it is one of the favourite places for the couple and also one of my favourite places too. The wedding of Julia and Oli on was in Camin Hotel in Colmegna Lago Maggiore.

We had left the dark hotel room where the Julia was getting ready. Outside the hotel Julia stood by the water and gave a loving look back at Oli. I wanted to capture that fleeting moment and took the shot but I had forgotten to change the ISO settings on my camera, this accidentally created this extremely overexposed photo. When I saw it on my computer a few days later I just fell in love and couldn’t delete it. So a technical mistake became a breathtaking wedding picture. I can’t say there was any difficulties taking this shot as it was a mistake, I just wanted to catch this real moment but because of my mistake this picture looks like a composed bridal portrait.

I shot this with a Canon 1Dx, Canon 85mm 1.2 L @ f1.4 ISO 3200 1/8000 and carried out some minor adjustments in Lightroom– Black -100 / Contrast +75 / Lights -65 / Brightness +65.

The Couple love this Picture. It was a perfect and beautiful mistake and I am very happy about it.

Wedding Photographer Italy


Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

We love this shot, it’s striking and amazing and it’s even better that it’s a beautful mistake.

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