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Wedding Photographer Edgar Machado

wedding photgrapher brazil edgar machado

The idea behind this photo came from the fact that the region in which I live in is undergoing deforestation.

I used a mirror as the proposal to double the trees and mirror their removal.

As wedding photographer I used the couple in a minimalist way to show the importance of nature juxtaposed with mankind. This photo is proof we must always push our creativity to the maximum to create great pictures. I had a beautiful sunset photo on the right side and planned to do this picture in golden hour and use a mirror to get a beautiful reflection.

We weren’t prepared for the fury of cows that were grazing on the spot. They came towards us and we had to rush out of the way to avoid problems and getting hurt. I almost gave up until I looked at the spectacular sky and saw these beautiful colours, so I had no doubts about getting the shot I wanted.

I went up to the cows screaming and waving my arms and they decided to eventually leave. After that, I could take time to take the picture. I needed agility to take this picture, holding the mirror and trying to get a good composition. At the top right it’s possible to see them quietly watching the photo shoot. Concept, courage and luck helped me get this beautiful picture.

The Select Bride’s Thoughts
Edgar has created such a striking image.  Colourful and bold & we’re lucky enough to have a great story behind it too with those furious cows.

Wedding Photographer Brazil
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