After The Big Day: Our Guide To Moving In Together

After The Big Day: Our Guide To Moving In Togethermoving in together after the wedding

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Moving in together typically happens before marriage, but for some couples, cohabiting occurs after the big day itself. It’s a major relationship milestone and one that should be approached with an open mind, as creating the ideal living space for the both of you is something that can be difficult.

In this post, we’ll run through some easy, actionable tips that’ll help you on your way to newlywed bliss. From the start of the searching process right through to the interior decor of the new house, we’ll cover it all.

Be open from the start 

Making sure you both know what you want from your new home is absolutely vital. Whether one of you wants a city-centre location or the other wants a countryside home with plenty of garden space, make sure to have these conversations early and don’t let them develop into a potentially bigger disagreement.

Once you’ve reached a consensus, then house-hunting will be a whole lot easier and won’t be fraught with too many issues. Agreeing on location early will make interior design disagreements later on in the process feel a lot easier to navigate, as you’ll already be well-versed in the art of compromise.

Create a cosy living room 

Once the excitement of the wedding day is over, you need somewhere to properly settle down into. For this type of space, cosiness is the most important factor, so you’ll want to think about investing in a snug sofa for ultra-relaxed weeknights together.

Transforming a traditional living room into a movie den with the addition of beanbags and a wall-mounted TV stand is highly recommended to create an area where the both of you can relax in peace and harmony. Adding throws and cushions alongside relaxing lighting touches will complete the vibe and create a place that you can both escape to after a long day.

Design a blissful bedroom 

Arguably the most important part of your newlywed nest is the bedroom. Choosing the perfect bedroom furniture isn’t the most straightforward of processes, but once you’ve found an aesthetic you both agree on, your prime motivation should be creating a tranquil space that’ll help you both drift off to sleep easily.

After you’ve decided on some suitable bedroom furniture, the next step should be to invest in some extra touches such as tea light holders, meaningful ornaments and of course, your wedding photos framed on the walls.

Make space for yourself 

A newlywed home should symbolise everything you want it to about your relationship, and provide a comfortable place for you both to start your lives together. However, making time and space for yourselves is a vitally important part of this new home – and one that is often overlooked.

Transforming the spare room so it has space for either of your creative passions is a good place to start. Whether it’s a craft bench, writing desk or music practice room, having an outlet to indulge such hobbies will improve your overall happiness as a couple.moving in together

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These tips are just a guideline, of course. The most important thing is to make sure that your new home reflects both of your personalities, so a dash of creativity from both of you is a sure-fire way to create a home fit for embarking on a life together.

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