Advantages and Disadvantages of Short Wedding Dresses

Advantages and Disadvantages of Short Wedding Dresses

Young Bride Holding BouquetShort Wedding Dress

Have you noticed that short bridal dresses become more and more popular? Today, almost every wedding dress designer has some dresses of short length. And this tendency seems to develop. The main reason is that many couples prefer casual, intimate weddings as well as destination ones. And short bridal gowns are a great option for such celebrations.

However, while short wedding dresses look very cool and stylish, not every bride will dare to wear such a gown. In order to help you to understand if a short gown is suitable for you, here are pros and cons of such dresses.

Pros:   Beautiful bride in a short dress with a long veil on the beach a

Short Lace Wedding Dress

  • Not all of us feel comfortable, wearing full-length wedding dresses. At the same time, short bridal gowns provide us with more mobility and don’t restrict our moves. That’s the main reason why many brides prefer to switch to a short dress for the wedding reception, while wearing a long one for the ceremony.
  • As a rule, short wedding dresses cost less than traditional long gowns. Of course, there can be many exceptions from this rule as there are rather cheap long dresses as well as luxurious short ones. But generally, the chances to break the bank with a short wedding dress are much lower.
  • Unlike long white dresses, short ones aren’t directly associated with weddings and so, you can wear your dress again. For instance, a short lace wedding dress in sheath silhouette can be used as a cocktail and party dress.
  • Short dresses for wedding can be in various silhouettes and lengths. You are free to have a mini sheath dress as well as tea-length A-line one. Moreover, you will find plus size short wedding dresses for sale as well as the ones for petite brides.
  • Non-traditional weddings. If you don’t plan a traditional wedding ceremony, you may have a short dress. For instance, short beach wedding dresses are very convenient for destination weddings as it’s easy to transport them. Or, if you have a casual or intimate wedding, a short dress will be very appropriate. Moreover, short gowns are also preferred by older brides and the ones, who get married for the second time.
  • Accent on accessories. While wearing a short wedding gown, you can make an accent on accessories. Thus, you can wear beautiful shoes and everyone will see them. Long dresses hide the shoes and they may remain unnoticed for the whole wedding. Also, you can opt for beautiful headpieces. For instance, a birdcage veil can rarely be used with long gowns while it suits many short ones.


Cons:Bride In Short Wedding Dress On The Rocky Beach. Young Beautiful

Short Beach Wedding Dress

  • Less formality. It’s obvious that no matter how beautiful short wedding gowns may be, they don’t look as festive as long ones. That’s why, if you have always dreamt about a royal-style wedding, a short dress won’t be suitable. No matter how intricate and beautiful the dress is, a shorter skirt signifies a more casual vibe.
  • Be ready that your relatives and friends may object your decision to wear a short wedding dress, considering it to be inappropriate for such a big day.
  • Though the popularity of short dresses constantly rises, the choice isn’t so big. You can buy a short dress in all the possible styles and silhouettes, from simple to short lace wedding dresses. However, be ready, that you will have to visit numerous salons to find the one, which suits you perfectly as a few wedding boutiques have such a wide choice of short gowns.

Now, you see that short wedding dresses are a great and stylish idea for many types of non-formal weddings. They are also often used as second dresses for wedding receptions. However, there is also a chance to wear the one for a formal event. For instance, you can wear a short dress in combination with a long detachable skirt for the ceremony and take the skirt off for the reception.

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