Photo Of The Day: A Warm & Beautiful Wedding Moment

wedding-veil-SBWedding Photographer Vinicius Ricardo, Brazil
Santos, SÃO PAULO, Brazil
Wedding Photographer Vinicius Henrique Fotografia

My goal is to convert your wedding day into honest pictures that tell a story for the generations to come.

It’s not so much about the wedding, but about you and your story on a particular day. Wedding days are perfect for this. So much playing, big and small moments that tell their own story. So much emotion, friends and family. There isn’t a better day to capture an incredible story in pictures. Images that reflect you as you are.

This photo was made captured just after the wedding ceremony, behind it was a small dark deck. I didn’t have much to do. In my photographs I look for something different to the traditional ones. I search a lot of for these references around the venue. I asked the couple to stay close together and I put the veil on the heads of both and took the photo.

The difficulty in this shot and many shots on a wedding day is the available light. It ranges from good to bad, so each wedding day and image has its own challenge. I wanted the couple close for this shot because the background wasn’t very interesting.

I shot it using a Fuji XT2 with a 35mm lens @ 1.4. The shutter speed was at about 1/60 and aperture at 1.8. I always work with available light and edit it using a custom preset only.


Wedding Photographer Brazil


Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

Such a warm, simple and beautiful image.


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