Photo Of The Day: A Tender Wedding Moment Captured By Jader Morais Brazil

Wedding Photographer São Paulo, Brazil
Valinhos, São Paulo, Brazil
Wedding Photographer Jader Morais

I am the journalist and professional photographer Jader Morais. I am a lover fascinated by this art and I love telling stories through unusual images. My work is focused on the concept of photojournalism and documentary, which has the objective of photographing every moment in its reality. My work goes beyond photography. I look for a connection with my clients to really understand their needs and expectations so that on their big day they can make the most of their wedding day from start to finish. I like to give my couples the tranquility and certainty that I will do a great job with quality and originality.

In this image, where the bride hugs her grandmother, it was taken when the bride is greeting everyone before the cermony. The grandmother was having a hard time walking to the bride and the bride went to her and gave that wonderful hug, full of emotion. I just let myself get carried away by the feeling of the moment, getting the right composition and letting the picture speak for itself. It wasn’t a difficult shot to capture but it’s still a beautiful moment.

I used a Canon 5D mark IV to photograph the wedding with an EF 16-35mm f / 2.8 lens, f8, ISO 100 and a shutter speed of 320. I just put a radial filter on the face region to highlight the shadows.

I was very happy with the result. This to me is what wedding photography is all about, recording the essence of the moment, the feeling, the hug, the tears and all the love involved.

Wedding Photographer Brazil


Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

Beautifully captured and processed to bring out the details and the tender moment between the bride and her grandmother.


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