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Wedding Photographer West Sussex, United Kingdom
Wedding Photographer Martin Beddall

I started my career as a photographer at The Times in London, after completing a photojournalism course. Wedding photography came about from journalists at the paper asking me to photograph their weddings. So a photojournalistic approach is key for me when I’m covering weddings.

This shaot was captured on a very muggy day in July, with a ceremony that took place very late in the afternoon. The humidity had been building all day and just as some guests made their way up the church path, the thunderstorm struck and it began to rain heavily for a few minutes.

I crouched down low in the doorway and managed to get this shot and staying dry was one of the many challenges I faced. The main difficulty was where to focus. Just behind these two wedding guests was the bride’s mother, I needed a clear shot of her. Thankfully the guests parted a little as they got closer and I could capture a sequence of her being caught in the rain. Seconds later the rain just ‘turned off’ and the sun came out.

I used a Sony A9, 85mm Zeiss Batis lens, iso 100, 1/3200th @ f2.0. The camera was metered for the light before the downpour, so slightly underexposed with the fast shutter speed, but that helped to catch the detail in the raindrops. I didn’t do much in post, just a simple B&W conversion with SilverEfex and a slight vignette.

I like like this shot. I don’t know how the couple feel about this particular shot but I know they liked the set of images I presented them of their whole wedding. Both the bride and groom work for AFP (Agence France Presse ) the bride isa photo editor. Her first question to me was did I use only prime lenses? I do. (I have a 24-70 zoom as a ‘backup’ but only used it once in two years). The bride and many of her guests were photographers, so photography was important to them and a ‘photojournalistic’ approach.

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Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

A striking shot that shows that the rain can’t spoil a good wedding photo. Every moment should be captured at a wedding, even the wet ones.


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