Photo Of The Day: A Happy And Fun Wedding Guest Group Shot

wedding photographer parisWedding Photographer France
Paris, France
Wedding Photographer Julien Laurent-Georges

The idea of this shot is to create a link with everybody after the ceremony, at the church. I usually don’t enjoy this moment after the church, when it comes time for the group photos, posing everyone and asking them to smile. I prefer to make them smile naturally in the moment “hugs”.  It can be a very funy and interesting moment.

I didn’t have any real diffuculties with this shot but made a little faux pas. I asked the parents of the bride to give each other a kiss, not realising that they are divorced. It’s now a question on my preparation sheet that I ask the couple 🙂

Getting the composition is easy, I just talk to everybody. The hardest part is getting everyone to understand my idea quickly, which causes a bit of confusion and laughter. I don’t always succeed. Then I tell them that I’m not here anymore, don’t look at me but look at each other and give hugs and kisses with your partner (if you want).

The shot was taken with a Canon 5D Mark IV + 35mm or 24mm.

I’m very proud of the results because you can see the happiness and joy in the final image.

Wedding Photographer France


Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

A happy and fun group shot. Groups shots can be dull. Julien has found a way to make it fun for himself and the bride and groom.


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