Photo Of The Day: A Beautiful Mysterious Bride and Groom Shot

Martin Hecht

Wedding Photographer Germany
Camin Hotel Colmegna Lago Maggiore, Italy
Wedding Photographer Martin Hecht

This was the Wedding of Julia and Oli. The Wedding was in Salach at Castle Staufeneck. It was a big wedding with I think 120 People. Lot of Drinks, Champagne and Fun. I really wanted to take pictures at sunset at the wedding venue in Italy, Camin Hotel Colmegna Lago Maggiore. In the evening, just before the sun went down, I grabbed Julia and Oli and went out with them from the location. The celebration took place at Castle Staufeneck instead of a great old castle and high up on the mountain we had a great sunset. The two love all their pictures and the ones we have already made in May on Lago Maggiore in Italy. We took about five minutes to take this and some other pictures. I think it was worth it, I really like this wedding photo. I didn’t face any real challenges apart from the setting of the sun.

It was shot using a Canon 1Dx , Canon 35mm 1.4 L @ f1.4 ISO 200 1/2500sek – Center Metering. Only little bit Contrast, Highlights and Shadows.

That’s about it really. A simple shot, nothing too technical about it but I love it nonetheless.

Wedding Photographer Germany


Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

We love this shot and the mystery behind it. It works perfectly as black and white shot with the added touch of grain. It feels like a timeless classic.


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