7 Things Couples Should Agree on When Wedding Planning

Planning your wedding is probably one of the first things you’ll do as a team. Ahead of you is a process that can be quite challenging, and it will be a test of your ability to work together. There are lots of decisions you need to make, some more significant than others and it’s going to help if you’re on the same page for the following.


This is probably the most important aspect of your wedding you need to agree on before any kind of planning gets underway. How much you’re willing to spend on your special day is going to influence all the other decisions. When discussing your budget talk about whether any of your family are going to pitch in to help with the cost. You’ll also have to sit down and talk with your family about how much.


When you’ve agreed on a budget, you then have to think about how you’re going to spend it. Are there any aspects of your wedding you should make a priority? For example, is the location important or would you like your guests to enjoy a sumptuous meal? Perhaps the celebration after the wedding is more important. Agreeing on priorities before you start any planning is going to save disagreements later.

Wedding Location

There are now lots of different options for any couples who want to get married. The traditional location would of course be a place of worship but there are a wealth of other options. Should the wedding be held close to your home or would you prefer a more exotic location? Do you want the wedding ceremony and the reception to be held in the same place? These are things you both need to consider before you start worrying about the little details.


The location of your wedding may well influence this decision but there are a number of other factors that can make a difference. There may be a special day that has a certain significance for you. The length of your engagement may also influence your decision. May to October are the most popular months for couples getting married, so if you want to save money, it might be better making plans outside of those busy months.


Having a certain style in mind is going to help when it comes to picking out decorations, wedding attire and certain other details. Do you want your wedding to be a relaxed affair or something more formal, with the male guests wearing stylish men’s wedding suits? Dobell is the smart man’s choice when it comes to formal attire.

Number of Guests

The number of guests is going to depend on the size of your wedding venue, but it’s also something you have to decide on as well. Would you prefer the occasion to be a small and more intimate celebration or do you want to share your special day with as many people as possible?

Planning Time

Planning a wedding is not something you can do in a couple of days. The trouble is it can also take over your life. Try to take some time away from your wedding plans as often as possible but try not to drag the planning out too far.

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