7 Reasons Two Tone Jewellery Is A Must-Have

7 Reasons Two Tone Jewellery Is A Must-Have

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Jewellery refers to accessories made from valuable metals, precious stones, or a combination of both. They come in the form of necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings, bracelets, and anklets. Jewellery is considered to be a status symbol, and one of the important materials in trade. It’s often sought by people because of its high value in the market.

Moreover, Jewellery is also a fashion staple as it’s used to modify and highlight certain looks. Jewellery pieces also give that extra glamour and dazzle to any outfit, not to mention the fact that they’re also considered wearable art pieces because of the level of complexity and skill required to make them.

Jewellery was once commonly made of one metal only. However, because of new techniques and Jewellery trends, two tone Jewellery is now becoming a classic piece. Two tone Jewellery is comprised of two types of metals, which can be a combination of gold, silver, stainless steel, or rose gold. Jewel makers use two different combinations of metals to give a contrasting look to a particular piece.

Here are seven reasons two tone Jewellery is a must-have:

  1. Versatile

Two tone Jewellery is very versatile as it can go with any outfit, style, and colour. You can pair such pieces with casual outfits, dresses, and dressier gowns. They can also be worn in special occasions, such as weddings, awarding ceremonies, or formal galas. The mix of metals gives them a more flexible style, so they’d basically go with anything.

A two tone Jewellery could also suit any personality or style. Different metals give off different vibes or auras. Silver gives of a calm and cold feel, while gold gives off a warm and bold vibe. Having them both in a single Jewellery piece, for instance, would be nothing short of enchanting.

  • Eye-Catching

Two tone Jewellery is also effortlessly eye-catching and beautiful to look at. The two colours also give more meaning to it. That’s why it’s best used for memorable pieces, such as wedding rings.

  • Edgy And Bold

The combination of gold and silver, or silver and rose gold adds a more stylish illusion to the Jewellery. The craftsmanship of the piece also stands out. Two tone Jewellery also tends to look edgier and bolder to wear, making it easier for the wearer to stand out from the crowd.

  • Unique

It’s very unique to have two tone Jewellery. It’s a statement piece that would elevate your look. The contrast of colours gives additional personality to the piece.

Jewellery designers find it hard to make a one tone Jewellery unique, so they usually prefer adding one more contrasting metal to the mix..

  • Elegant

The two different metals in a two tone Jewellery give added elegance to the piece. As a result, it looks more delicate, elegant, and precious. Two metals would also have more lustre because they reflect light better than using only one kind of metal.

They are also great gifts you can give to someone special. Two tone Jewellery makes a great engagement ring or wedding ring because of its elegance. Your special someone will surely be in awe of its artistry.

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  • Timeless

Two tone Jewellery are timeless pieces, especially if they’re made of gold, silver, or platinum. They never go out of style and they’re always considered trendy. They’re not just Jewellery pieces that would go out of style sooner than later, but they’re also classic pieces that stand the test of time.

  • Investment Piece

Jewellery, in general, is an investment. Precious metals and gemstones’ value increases over time, that’s why Jewellery pieces are also marketed as investment pieces you can wear.

They’re also great heirloom pieces because the likes of gold, silver, and other precious stones also appreciate in value as time passes bv. Jewellery collectors know about this, so they recommended to have a good collection of both gold and silver pieces.

Wearing Two Tone Jewellery

There are many reasons why two tone Jewellery is a must-have. It’s versatile, eye-catching, stylish, fashionable, unique, elegant, and timeless. It suits the personalities of many types of wearers, plus it can never go out of style. It is both edgy and a classic at the same time.

Two tone Jewellery is also more special because of the combination of metals used to create one, not to mention the advanced craftmanship that goes into it. Furthermore, it’s also considered a timeless piece that can be passed on for generations. Also, it can truly give you your money’s worth because it increases in value over time.

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