7 Must-Have Photo Shoots in Your Wedding Dress

So you spent hours and hours pinning away about your wedding day look? Make sure you get all the best shots while you are in your wedding gown. Wedding photography has come a long way in the last decade. Here are six tips you need to get the memorable shots you need.

  1. The Preparationswedding photo shoots preparations

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Once the “chaos” of your wedding and reception are over, you’ll be happy you can look back at those memories. Here are the wedding day photo shoot preparation poses you need:

  • The bridesmaid or maid-of-honor buttoning or clasping the back of your wedding dress.
  • Your dress hanging on a customized hanger with your last name.
  • You and your bridesmaids doing hair and makeup.
  • A close-up of your shoes.

You will love seeing the process of getting ready later on.

  1. Full Body Shot In Your Wedding Gown

Chances are you spent time on more than just the dress. Once you’ve styled your hair, done your makeup, and slipped into your shoes, get the camera ready. Be sure to get plenty of photos from your head to your toes. Stand or sit from different angles to highlight the dress.

You need to look your best on your wedding day, so take care of anything that may go wrong in advance. Have an emergency kit with cosmetic and hygiene products.

Use a spare lipstick in your emergency kit to make light touch-ups during your photo shoot. Also, be careful with fake tan the night before as it tends to seem more orange in photos. Here are more tips and tricks on how to look your best on your wedding photos.

  1. The Intricate Detailswedding photo shoots intricate details

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Whether your dress is traditional or modern, each detail deserves attention. Some dresses may have ornate details such as:

  • Gems
  • Elaborate trains
  • Glitter
  • Sequins

Regardless of the added detail, zoom in and take some close-ups. These intricate details also include many little moments leading up to the event. From makeup and hair styling to sliding on the garter, all of it is worth capturing.

  1. The White Light Window

If you have the opportunity to take some photos in front of a window, don’t miss it. Taking some full-length photos as you face the window allows another chance to capture the back of your gown. Wedding photographers will capture the light just right as it shines into the room and focuses on you.

  1. The Wedding Car

wedding photo shoots wedding car

Image source: Pixabay.com

Sometimes a car is not only a means of transportation but also a great accessory for a wedding photo shoot. So if you’re booking a classy vintage car or a luxurious limousine for the day, take a moment and snap at least a couple of pictures featuring your ride.

Elise, the operations manager at the limo service in Houston, TX Advantage Limousine Services, comments: “From time to time grateful brides send us stunning photos with our vehicles, which we’re always happy to hang in our office. From what I’ve noticed, romantic couple photos taken inside the limo tend to be the most popular ones. Fun pictures of a bride and groom coming out of the sunroof are considered to be classics. As well as a close shot of ‘Just Married’ sign on a license plate with a couple peeking out of the rear window in the background. My personal favorites are photos taken while entering a car, you get a sense of anticipation for their life together looking at these ones.” Check out bus travel in stockton for more ideas.

  1. Mom Moments

Pictures convey many emotions. A picture of you and your mom is best captured before the chaos begins. Some memorable ideas are:

  • A close-up of a hug
  • Your mother adjusting your veil
  • You accepting a special gift from her

Eddie, a professional wedding photographer from Houston, TX composed a helpful list of special moments that you can share with your mom on your wedding day with touching photo examples included.

  1. When He Sees You The First Timewedding-photo shoots when groom sees

Image source: Pixelstudioproductions.com

While every wedding picture is a wonderful memory, there’s nothing like the moment your groom sees your wedding gown the first time. He’s also seeing you in the dress. Ask your photographer to snap a picture of his face when this happens. Your back will be facing the camera, but it’ll still capture some great angels of the dress.

Wedding photography is a delightful gift that preserves memories for years. There are many different types and poses that you can use on your wedding day. These are just a few of the ones you want to really highlight.

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