7 Amazing Tips to Look Fresh On Your Wedding Day

tips to look good on your wedding dayYour wedding day will be one of your biggest and most memorable days of your life. As you walk down the aisle, you will want to be absolutely stunning for all your stunning wedding photos. Achieving that fresh look requires some preparation and planning. Sometimes the wedding planning can be so hectic that we forget to look after ourselves. To ensure the event is picture-perfect, here are some of the tips and tricks that may help you out before you say “I do.”

Make it a great hair day



Choose a fitting hairstyle. You should take into account the possibilities of your hair, making sure the style that you settle on fits your dress and the decoration of the venue.  Remember to choose and buy the headpiece in advance. You should make sure you are comfortable with your hairstyle.

Speaking of hair, there is a need to get rid of that unwanted hair on your skin. Some of the areas that ought to be concentrated on are the armpits, legs, and arms. They have to be clean shaven, and thus the more reason to shave them off.

To ensure a smooth look, use the best bay rum aftershave to leave the skin appealing.

Let your skin glow



There are many things that you need to do to ensure that your skin is in good shape. As for women, they need to wash make-up before going to sleep using facial masks and creams. However, when it comes to a wedding, the bride needs to do something special. For your skin to glow, you need to have a combination of deep pore cleansing and chemical peels. It is essential to consult instead of experimenting with anything on your own. Sometimes having eyebrows done can cause the skin to swell. Make sure your brows are done 3 to 4 days before the bid day.

Work on your smile

Apart from just smiling, you need to have snow- white teeth so that you can look sharp on your wedding photos. You can use teeth bleaching to whiten your teeth or avoid drinks or foods that can discolor your teeth in days leading to your wedding.

Choose your dress in advance

A wedding dress is the ultimate centerpiece of the wedding ceremony, and one has to look stunning. It is advisable to choose it in advance without leaving anything to chance. Make sure it blends with the theme of the ceremony, and it fits you perfectly. You can fit it before the wedding to have a feel of it.

Enough sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep. Do not sacrifice your sleep before the big day. Getting enough sleep nourishes your skin. Beauty sleep is real. Also, getting enough sleep will keep the bugs away from your eyes. It will also give you time to have enough rest, which will make you look fresh throughout the day.

Do not use new things on your face

Nobody wants to experience a breakout on their wedding day. Make sure your bridal make-up products are hypoallergenic. Have a make-up test drive way before the wedding so that the results do not come as a surprise. Carefully look at how everything comes together to make sure it blends with your skin.

Drink enough water

The best thing you can do for your skin is drinking enough water. A hydrated body helps your skin to stay youthful and elastic. Keeping tabs on the amount of water you take months leading up to your wedding will ensure your face has a youthful glow and is silky smooth as you say “Yes I do”.

The most important thing, remember to have fun because it is your wedding day! The wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. Make sure you plan the important things to avoid being stressed. Leave everything to a person you can trust and just relax. Hopefully, these tips will help you out.

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