6 Ways To Make Your Wedding More Fun And Engaging

Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life, because it’s when you and your partner will declare your vows and aspirations. It’s also when you’ll celebrate your commitment, and showcase how the two of you are ready to be together forever.

You’ll have to prepare many things for your wedding day – one of which is making sure that the event is fun and engaging. Your wedding ceremony and reception will last for hours, and not putting in any effort to make it fun or engaging will bore your guests. When this happens, your wedding will become memorable for all the wrong reasons.

If you don’t want any of this to happen, follow the tips below to make your wedding a more enjoyable event:

  1. Pimp Up The Drinks

Guests already expect that gin and tonic or champagne will be served at every table during the reception. This has been the norm in almost all weddings, which is why following in its steps could make yours appear boring or unpredictable.

One of the easiest ways to make your wedding more fun and engaging is to pimp up the drinks by hiring a professional mixologist, or someone who has undergone a Virtual Cocktail Masterclass to put on a show as they create stand-out cocktails. You can even put up a station in your reception, where guests are allowed  and encouraged to mix their own cocktails.

  1. Add Table Games And Props

You’ll be inviting some of your closest friends and family to your wedding, but more often than not, these people won’t know each other. This automatically creates a negative ambiance, especially when strangers are seated next to each other during the ceremony or reception.

If you want your guests to have fun, add a station with table games and props. This is a great way to get the conversation going and to keep people occupied. If your reception is indoors, think about board games such as Bingo and Jenga. If the reception is held outside, you can toy around with ideas such as giant dice, ring toss, croquet or whatever you think your guests will enjoy.

  1. Add Photo Booths And Photo Walls

Your wedding day hopefully only comes once in a lifetime, and your guests will always want to take souvenirs to remind them of the event. You can make this happen by adding photo booths and photo walls.

Make sure that the booth comes with fun and quirky costumes, as well. You can add various hats or use a creative backdrop to make the photos more colorful.

  1. Hire Audience Entertainers

Making sure that your guests are served with the best food and drinks will keep them happy through the entire reception, but having entertainers who interact with them can make the experience more memorable.

You should look into different kinds of audience entertainers, such as magicians or palm readers. There are also stand-up comedians or celebrity impersonators; you can let them do their piece on stage as the guests are eating.

Hiring entertainers will make your wedding more interesting, and ensure that all of your guests have fun on the day.

  1. Go Crazy For Karaoke

You’ll likely hire a wedding singer for your special day, but wouldn’t it be better if all of your guests had the opportunity to sing out loud during the event? Letting everyone take turns on the mic will surely make the event livelier and more fun.

Another idea is to have a karaoke machine, and to let your guests take turns singing at their leisure. Stock multiple microphones, so that groups can sing at the same time. This is an especially good option, because those who don’t want to sing can have fun listening.

  1. Have A Prize Draw

It’ll be a challenge to keep everyone entertained, especially if the program on the event lasts for a couple of hours. Sure, they might be pumped up to participate in the games at the beginning, but don’t expect that they’ll feel the same after several repetitive hours.

For you to create a sense of excitement among guests, have a prize draw and give them tickets throughout the day. You can start by giving out prizes at the reception, add another batch during the toast and one more before the closing speech.


It’s Easy When You Know How

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, which is why you should allocate resources to make it more fun and engaging. Contrary to popular belief, achieving this goal will not require thousands of dollars; all it takes is a little effort and a lot of creativity.

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