Jewellery 101: 6 Rules For Accessorizing On Your Wedding Day

Having the perfect dress for your wedding day is just the beginning of the whole ensemble. The right accessories will bring your look to a whole new level if chosen correctly. Choosing between jewelry, shoes, belts, veils, and other accessories can be a confusing and challenging task. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some simple rules to follow for accessorizing on your wedding day.

  1. Listen to the gown

Just as red and green perfectly complement each other, some metals look better with certain colors. When pairing accessories on your wedding day, it needs to go with the color and style of your dress. Just a few tips, a wedding staple is pairing ivory with gold. The gold’s brightness does great in highlighting the ivory. For off-whites, rose gold, silver, and pearls do the trick. Whites work best with silvers. Because of how bright golds can get, try not to mix it with a gown that’s already bright. On the other hand, if your gown already has beading, use jewelry that is the same shade as them. Jewellery by Muru can provide you with some great choices of jewelry that you can pair with your gown.rules for accessorizing on your wedding day

  1. Decide on your hairstyle first before choosing accessories

Decide on your hairstyle first before choosing the accessory to put on it. Some hairstyles look better on some people compared to others. For example, if you go for an updo, you might want to wear earrings that bring more definition to your face. On the other hand, if you want to go for wavy hair, you might want to get dangling earrings just so it is still seen. Another thing is that it’s not a rule that all brides have to wear veils. You can choose to place a fascinator, hairband, or tiara.rules for accessorizing on your wedding day

  1. Know your veils

Since another wedding staple is wearing veils as an accessory. If you opt to follow this stride, there are some things that you must keep in mind when choosing a veil. First, your veil has to match the precise shade of your gown. Color blocking will be very important for your whole look especially in photos. Second, be very wary when deciding on the style of your veil. For example, if your dress has a lot of beading or lacing, you might want to stick with a simpler veil to complement your gown. On the other hand, if your gown is simple, you might want to choose a veil with embroidery or beading. Third, you have to consider your body type. For example, a long veil will have an elongating effect if you have a petite body frame. For taller brides, an elbow-length veil will do.

  1. Don’t overdo it, don’t over accessorize

Some brides make the mistake of being a bit too extravagant on their special day. It’s not necessary to go all out on the accessories because all they’re meant to do is highlight the gown. You don’t have to wear a tiara, big earrings, and a statement neck piece. If you’re going to wear your hair down, simple earrings will do. For updos, you can opt for more dramatic, eye-catching dangling earrings. Also, some gowns don’t even need a necklace. For necklines with designs, when needed, a simple necklace will do.

  1. Avoid wearing belts

Don’t go for a belt that merely looks good. Think of the gown first and then the belt. If the belt doesn’t make the gown look better, don’t buy it. Usually, belts don’t go with a wedding gown. As much as possible, avoid belts. However, if you decide to have the belt placed on the gown, make sure that it’s in the right position. Make sure that it’s actually on your waistline, so that it doesn’t look awkward.

  1. Choose accessories you’re comfortable with

Always choose the accessories that are your style. As much as possible, no matter how beautiful the accessory may be, go for something that will keep you comfortable. Same goes for the shoes. Don’t wear extremely high heels under your gown because it probably won’t be seen anyway.


Wrapping up, the best rule is to be confident with what you wear, and that less is actually more. Any kind of accessory that brings harmonious balance between your wedding dress and accessories will be the right ones for you. Just follow the rules above, and you will have the best accessories that go with your look.

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