5 Amazing Alternative Wedding Gift Ideas

Not sure what you want as a wedding gift? Let’s face it you probably don’t need a toaster, coffee machine or fancy crockery set, and the limited choices offered by department store gift lists probably bores you to tears.  Maybe you are looking for an interesting alternative wedding gift for a friend? Then look no further as we have compiled the ultimate list of amazing alternative wedding gift ideas especially for you…

1. Name A Star

Name A Star


There is nothing more beautiful and romantic than a bright sky full of twinkling stars, and now you have the opportunity to name them after you  – how cool is that! When you name a star with Starling you receive a certificate, map and software in a beautiful presentation folder – and depending on the package chosen you can also get a high quality colour photo of your star and your choice of constellation. We absolutely love the idea of  two stars side-by-side (£99) which can then be named after the happy couple. This is truly a gift that will last forever.

Prices start at £39 for a standard package http://www.buyastar.co.uk/name-a-star

2. Flower Subscription Service

Alternative wedding gifts

There is something very special about receiving flowers, but imagine receiving a stunning bouquet every month. Well now you can get the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription to a flower delivery service. Bloomon will deliver fresh, fragrant and stylish bouquets every month to the happy couple, providing you with a lovely reminder of how much you mean to the giver.

Prices start at £20.95 per month for a small bouquet https://www.bloomon.co.uk

3. Subscription Gift Service

Not another bill

For those of you who like surprises, then we can think of nothing more perfect for you than this subscription service from classy monthly gift provider Not Another Bill. You will receive a host of original and exclusive delights which you can’t find on the high street such as designer household items, jewellery and accessories. Gifts can tailored depending on age and preferences.

Prices start from just £19 per month https://notanotherbill.com

4. Luxury Cookery Classes

alternative wedding gifts

Get your marriage off to a great start by learning to cook amazing cuisine together at a luxury hotel cookery school. Discover the secrets of the top chefs and go on to amaze your friends when you host dinner parties. You can even upgrade your course and spend a few romantic nights away at the hotel too. We love the classes at Swinton Cookery School where you can take masterclasses in things like Modern Dinner Party Desserts, Ultimate Breakfasts  and cooking for a Winter Dinner Party.

Prices start at £85 per person http://food.swintonestate.com

5. Charity Donation

alternative wedding gifts

Why not balance all the indulgence of your wedding gifts with something that is truly ethical and can transform someone else’s life – a gift to charity. There are so many options here – sponsoring a child in need, adopting a snow leopard, Teaching A Teacher or a regular donation to Amnesty International to name a few. We love the idea of forsaking a gift to help others, so why not give people this option – you know you want to…

Prices from just £3 per month http://www.charity-gifts.org

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