4 Ways To Make Your Wedding Venue Picture-Perfect

With all the wedding trends and aesthetic photos circulating in the media, you might be wondering how you can transform and spruce up your chosen venue. After all, your wedding is going to be one of the most life-changing events in your life. As you flip a new chapter, you’d want all the special memories to be captured.

It can be tricky to materialize the weddings of your dreams. But by prioritizing the aesthetics of the wedding venue, you can ensure everything’s going to be picture-perfect.

To help you make your wedding venue camera-ready, consider the following ways:

1. Ensure Adequate Lighting

If you’re going for an outdoor venue, make sure the area is exposed to natural light. Keep in mind that adequate lighting won’t only transform the ambience of your venue, but it’ll also help your photographer capture clear and gorgeous shots.

To jumpstart your search, look into Auckland Wedding Venues and other similar wedding locations providing a wide span of venue options such as outdoor historical spots and natural sceneries.

Nonetheless, if you’re going to have an indoor wedding venue, make sure there are enough lighting fixtures that’ll encourage your guests to take photos. You can also opt for an indoor venue with white prominent interiors to achieve crisp, sleek, and beautiful snaps.

2. Choose The Right Location

You might tend to overlook this aspect and settle with the most recommended spot. However, your wedding location will majorly influence the outcome of your photos, videos, and other documented media.

Hence, upon visiting different sites, think about whether it’ll complement your bridal theme and personal preferences. For instance, if you’re going to have a garden wedding, think about how you can incorporate your bridal motif and aesthetics into the natural details and greenery of the place. Take into account whether going for this certain location is the most sensible choice for you, especially if you’re planning to do the entire wedding venue decoration.

To minimize the stress and make it convenient for you, hire a third-party business to arrange and balance out all the design elements and ensure a cohesive wedding concept. On the other hand, if your chosen location offers an all-inclusive package, make sure to negotiate and collaborate with the design vendors.

Choosing the right location won’t only make the design and décor process smooth, but it can also influence the outcome of your wedding photos. It’ll also set the tone and help you have a beautiful ceremony.

3. Hire A Skilled Photographer

Apart from dedicating your time looking for the perfect location, you also need to ensure that you’ll be working with the right photographer.

There are a lot of reputable wedding photographers you can consult and hire. However, not all of them will be able to translate your wedding vision. Some of these photographers may have handled church weddings the majority of the time. Others might have devoted years perfecting beach bridal ceremonies.

If your wedding venue will be held outdoors and your theme consists of whimsical, lush colours, make sure to hire someone who’s able to understand and know how to roll with the punches.

By working with a skilled photographer, you can be confident that you’ll be satisfied with the wedding portraits, regardless of your poses. These little details will surely leave a massive impact on how you’ll look back and reminisce your wedding day.

4. Stick To Your Wedding Theme

Sticking to your bridal theme is the best and effective way to enjoy photos reflecting both you and your partner’s style. You’ll look back satisfied at how your wedding venue can include and capture all your preferred aesthetics.

Moreover, having a clear wedding concept can also guide your florists and designers to pull together a well-integrated scheme that matches your wedding vision. This can help narrow down your design options, reducing stress and guesswork.

To help you define your wedding aesthetics, collect images and create a mood board out of these. This board can serve as your inspiration in deciding the suitable colour schemes and design elements that’ll match your wedding venue, making every angle picture-perfect. All these can guide you on how to similarly decorate your reception to preserve the overall vibe of your wedding day, making all your photos cohesive.

Work with your designer on how you can seamlessly integrate these into your theme and venue. They might be able to offer you suggestions and alternatives to tweak and help you include these ideas. Alternatively, you can look for similar pieces that’ll fit nicely with your chosen venue.


Whether your wedding venue will be held indoors or not, there are ways to spruce it up in a way that captures your style and bridal preferences. By following the suggestions above, you’ll surely be able to set your venue up for success and enjoy beautiful bridal portraits.

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