4 Magical Destinations For Your Honeymoon In Greece

Owing to the coalescence of its wonderful elements, Greece is undoubtedly one of the go-to locations of those who are looking for a sophisticated and romantic setting. The bright Mediterranean light, the rich history, and the blue waters that surround the islands are just a few of the several factors that make this place ethereal. With these, you can expect that more and more couples are getting attracted to the fairytale charm of this gorgeous country. Aside from being a top wedding destination choice for event planners like Make Happy Memories, the Hellenic Republic is also recommended as an excellent honeymoon destination by wedding planners in Greece.

If you and your partner are enchanted to this Balkan country, you’re probably considering this place to be a setting of your sacred and unforgettable honeymoon after your wedding. With thousands of islands and destinations that Greece offers, choosing the best one for you and your special someone can certainly be overwhelming. To help you with this significant decision, this article will guide you in selecting the best spot for your honeymoon in Greece.

  1. Corfu

Enjoy the delicious taste of scenic views and interesting culture by choosing this delightful island as your post-nuptial destination. The astonishing amalgamation of its Adriatic beaches and Venetian town give you a pleasant combination of two worlds in one place. You and your loved one can spend your day holding hands while walking along the blue waters of this Ionian island. Once you get hungry, you can go on a traditional food tour wherein you’ll be presented with Greek cuisines that are enlaced with olive oil and mouthwatering flavors.


At night, you can immerse in the rich history and culture of Corfu by wandering around its Venetian town. You’ll surely be captivated with fine architecture, hospitable locals, and the interesting ethos of this tourism spot. For a place to stay, you can select from several remarkable hotels that offer the stunning views of the Albanian coast. Who wouldn’t love waking up across marvelous and exotic scenes with your beautiful spouse on your side?


  1. Rhodes

If you’re up for an extra level of luxury, Rhodes can provide you an extravagant honeymoon experience that you’re craving for. Celebrate your love with your partner by touring in the fancy restaurants and staying in the deluxe hotels that this island offers. The local taverns serve delectable Mediterranean flavors that you can indulge for a perfect and romantic dinner with your special one. Meanwhile, high-standard hotels provide lavish accommodations that create an unforgettable setting for intimacy.

Aside from the east coast beaches, don’t forget to tour around the pots of culture and history of this rich island. The old town’s medieval castle, the Italian village, the Lindos Acropolis, and the baroque churches are just a few of the several spots that deserve the wild astonishment in your eyes.


  1. Athens

Ranking as one of the top destinations of a wedding in Greece, this exquisite city is an excellent setting for honeymoons as well. Considered as the “mother of civilization”, Athens can certainly impress its visitors by being the melting pot of Greek culture, architecture, religion, and history. Greek gods may not be real, but you can’t deny the authentic Greek magic that lies in this modern city.

If you’re craving for a well-appointed tour, Athens has several docks and marinas that offer fancy yacht experience. Who wouldn’t want to feel the lavish sensations of nautical lifestyle? In addition to the seascape that it provides, this hilly city is surrounded by four mountains that brings exotic scenes and memorable sunset-viewing. Here are the best Athens spots to catch the sunset.


  1. Milos

Not as frequented by tourists as other islands in Greece, Milos brings an exotic and calming vibe in your romantic honeymoon. Generally volcanic in structure, you can expect that this island offers a different take on Greek island life.

The exquisite rock formations, underwater caves, and sedimentary features add a striking appeal to its wonderful beaches. For instance, Kleftiko and Sarakiniko beach offer unique and superb scenes that will surely blow your minds away. Aside from picturesque views, Milos offers a serene and tranquil vibe that stems from its lack of huge crowd. It may only have a few available places for night outs and parties, but it works well for those who crave for a peaceful and quiet post-wedding vacation.


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