20 Essential Things to Not Leave Out of Your Wedding Planning

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There are big and small details to never leave out of your wedding planning. Things that left out, have the potential to grossly impact the outcome in a negative way.

Your wedding is your big day, and you don’t want small, overlooked details to ruin it for you, or do you? For some, these are no big deals whatsoever. For others however, they could be major deal breakers.

The ONS reports that 249, 739 weddings took place in England and Wales in 2016. Some of these weddings included royalty, and all the buzz that surround royal weddings. Each one of them involved some form of planning.

In this post I’ll be highlighting ten (10) key things you should never leave out of your wedding plans, whether you’re an aspiring event planner or your wedding is around the corner, but first

What is Wedding Planning?

Wedding planning encompassess every step to be taken or ground to be covered, in order to ensure a smooth, hitch free, and remarkable wedding ceremony.

Wedding planning involves a lot of moving parts to succeed, the failure of any can result in a bad experience and disappointment.

Why Plan?

You plan so as not to fail. They say failure to plan is planning to fail. It is essential to plan for your wedding because weddings are for many, once in a lifetime events, and as such should be memorable.

Indeed it will be memorable, but you want those memories to be good ones, don’t you? Great, then you need to plan for your wedding.

When to Plan

Planning is good, planning ahead is better, far better I might add. You don’t want to start planning when your wedding is just weeks ahead. That would be stressful and increase your chances of missing out vital small details.

So when’s the best time to start planning for your wedding? The answer is now or yesterday for some!

How to Plan for Your Wedding

When you’re still a teen or single, your ideas about weddings may be fantastic, but they may be fantasies.

When it’s time for your wedding you need to plan with your significant other and other significant people like your wedding organizer if you decide to hire one.

Following are:

10 Essential Things to Include in Your Wedding Planning

  1. Budget/Financing

What is the cost implication of organizing your dream wedding, or are you and your SO even dreaming of a dream/big wedding, to begin with, or is it just you?

You can organize a good wedding with any budget, but you can do more with more money. However, more money doesn’t automatically translate into good wedding, you still need a working budget, which will incorporate other items on this list.

After deciding on a budget, financing comes up. How do you intend to finance your wedding budget? Do you want to take loans, credit, solicit donations from colleagues, friends and family, or draw from your savings; or will one party or both of you fund it out of pocket?

  1. Event Organizer

Are you the chief event organizer or are you hiring someone to do it for you? There are several benefits of hiring a professional events organizer. It relieves you of stress and allows you focus on other important areas.

But there are costs too that go with the benefits. Would you be able to afford one? If yes, great. If no, great. In that case you’ll need to quickly learn about wedding planning or invite your best friends to help.

If hiring an event planner, you should go for ones that have a good track record, that know what they’re doing because your wedding is your big day.

  1. Invitation of Guests

Speaking of your big day, you want your friends, family and loved ones to witness your exchange of vows with the one you love, right? So you need to invite them.

There are many ways to send invitations: mail, e-mail, in person, by proxy or even via social media, depending on your relationship with the invitee.

How many guests are you inviting and how many is s/he inviting? Is the hall or venue large enough to contain the number you both have in mind? Also, bear in mind that your invitees may invite their own friends and family, so make extra allowance.

  1. Social Media Use

Billions of people use social media daily, some of them your friends and family, who also  have their friends and families on social media.

So, how do you plan to use social media for your wedding event, for engagement, announcement, invitation, live streaming, etc?

Also, do you want your wedding photos on social media, and do you want them uploaded strictly by you or allow guests to snap and post as they wish?

  1. Wedding Photography and Video Coverage

Speaking about photographs, whether in print or online, you want nothing but the very best pictures of your wedding day circulating.

This is one of the reasons why some couples bar guests from posting their wedding pictures online until they do so themselves.

Similarly, because those photos will be a constant reminder and hopefully last a lifetime, you want them to be the best and to be taken by the very best photographers. Services like WeddingPhotographySelect.Co.Uk is a great place to look.

Following is a list of

15 Other Essential Things to Include in Your Wedding Planning

  1. Officiating Minister
  2. Reception Venue
  3. Hall Decorations
  4. Wedding Ring
  5. Wedding Dresses
  6. Dress Code
  7. Bridal Train/Grooms Men & Best Man
  8. Bridal Shower/Bachelor’s Eve
  9. Master of Ceremony
  10. Food, Cake, Drinks
  11. Wedding Souvenirs
  12. Transportation
  13. Honeymoon Destination
  14. New House/Home
  15. Thank You Messages


These are some of the essential things to not leave out of your wedding planning, in order to ensure a smooth and memorable wedding ceremony.


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