10 Ways to Involve the Groom in the Wedding Planning

Weddings are largely a bride’s territory, but today’s grooms are increasingly taking a more active role in the planning process. You could say that this is a welcome development in the twenty-first century. Still not sure how to involve your groom in the wedding plans? Here are ten tips to help:

  1. Negotiate on Your Behalf

Men are naturally gifted with negotiation skills. Leverage this to your advantage by having him haggle for price discounts. His charms and talent for persuasion that worked on you just might work with your wedding suppliers. Inform him of your budget range so he’ll know how much he needs to sweat it out. 

  1. Review the Music

Picking the DJ or the band to play on your wedding day is a fairly easy job any groom can do. If he’s a music lover, expect that he already has a musical act in mind that he’s just waiting to call. A fun exercise is to have your fiancé list down the songs that remind him of you and your love story. 

  1. Pick the Bridal Car

Boys don’t outgrow their toys; their toys only get bigger. Men love their cars, maybe as much as they love you. As such, they will gladly pick the vehicle that will serve as your bridal car. It will definitely be a field day for him to check out and test drive different cars. 

  1. Curate the Menu

Taste testing is one of the more exciting things in planning a wedding. You basically sit down and try different entrées, desserts, and drinks. As a couple, you need to figure out which food items you want served to your guests during the reception. 

  1. Tracking RSVPs

RSVPs are an efficient way to track who can and can’t come to your wedding. For the groom’s part, it is his responsibility to check who has already RSVP’d from his side of the guest list. This means his friends and family. While he’s at it, he should also get their dinner orders; it’s an option that’s part of your invitation. 

  1. Register Together

The registry is a list of gifts that you would want to receive on your wedding. Think of household items that will help you start your life as a newly-wed couple. Since these are things that you will be sharing together for the years to come, it’s best to have your groom in on the process. 

  1. Pick and Oversee His Entourage

It is clearly up to the groom to choose his best man and groomsmen. It goes without saying as well that he is responsible for inviting them, making sure they get their suit fitted, and just generally giving them a heads-up about anything related to the wedding. The best man can help by carrying some of the weight.

  1. Choose Gifts for His Groomsmen

Allow your groom to show appreciation for his entourage for showing up on one of the most important days of his life. As a matter of tradition, your fiancé buys gifts for his best man and groomsmen, usually in the form of expensive liquor, leather goods, or sports events. Decide on how much to spend and go from there. 

  1. Style His Look

The groom has to pick out the suit he’s going to wear on the day of the wedding. While this may not be as intensive as shopping for a gown, you can lend a helping hand by giving him suggestions that will fit the style and feel of your wedding. A more formal affair calls for a classic tuxedo. Less traditional ones play around with shades of gray or blue. 

  1. Plan the Honeymoon

It’s customary for the groom to plan the honeymoon in behalf of the couple. The men love to take the lead on this one as a way of surprising their future wives. Some brides don’t even know the destination until they’re actually there. However, some couples prefer honeymoon planning together. Either way, the groom plays an active role.

Taking into consideration your groom’s ideas will make for a more special affair. The wedding will truly reflect you as a couple. Collaborating from the start will also help you strengthen your relationship with your fiancé—truly an added advantage and one that you wouldn’t gain if you alone will run the show.

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