10 Tips for an Amazing Bachelorette Party

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Bachelorette party is a special party for every bride. And that’s why you need to make this party all about the bride – it’s her day! Before you start planning, think about what kind of party she would enjoy the most – is it a poolside party, a night out, a booze cruise, a wine tasting tour or perhaps a crazy get-away weekend? Whether you aren’t sure you know what your bride-to-be wants or even if you’re sure, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check with her anyway. After all, you want her to feel comfortable, to enjoy herself and the company of her guests. This is also a good way to avoid any possible awkward situations.

1.   The place

When the bride makes up her mind about the kind of party she would like, make sure to choose the right place. If she wants a big night out, organize a get together at your or her apartment and head out from there. Don’t forget to make reservations at the cafés, clubs, bars or restaurants you’d like to go to. If she opts for something different, then make sure to book the place ahead. This could be a wine tasting tour, a suite in a hotel or a booze cruise among others.

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2.   The guest list

In order to be able to organize the whole party generally and to book any place actually, you need to know the exact number of people attending the party. Try to assemble a list of guests you think are suitable for the party but before you start contacting people, check with the bride whether she agrees and whether you forgot someone she would like to be there. All in all, you want to keep the bride happy.

3.   The decorations

The bachelorette party can be decorated in so many different ways! There are tons of decorations and party trinkets you can get. You can shop for these online from all over the world or you can check out your local stores. You’ll definitely want balloons for your party – they give any place a special look and ambiance. There are so many choices – ring-shaped balloons, letter balloons, number shaped balloons and so many more. You can also use some tassels and paper fans, colorful ribbons, fringe curtains, tubs and buckets in different colors and other countless objects related to hen parties. Think about the overall theme of the party and embed the perfect decorations.

4.   The budget

It is important to set a budget limit because if you don’t the costs can be limitless. Make a rough plan of all the things needed and their approximate costs and check with the rest of the guests whether they agree with the share they have to pay. Keep all the receipts neatly and when you finish organizing the party, divide the total price to all the guests and settle the bill. Remember to pay for the bride’s share as well!

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5.   The food

Every bachelorette party should have some food – whether it is a fancy dinner, some finger food, appetizers or some exotic fruit. Besides the savory food, there should also be some sweet food included. Perhaps a fun bachelorette-themed cake, sparkling cupcakes, fancy-looking gift hampers, colorful irresistible parfaits or delightful chocolate mousses. Arrange the food on an attractive linen and tablecloths for the full experience. You don’t want your guests to be hungry when there’s a long night ahead of you!

6.   The drinks

Along with the food, another must-have are drinks. Whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic – drinks are drinks. You can make them special and multicolor anyway. Since this is a special occasion, opt for some special drinks, such as some exotic cocktails that’ll get the party started. You can also include some alcohol-free variants as well. Upgrade the drinks with silly straws, pieces of fruit, food colors, little umbrellas and ice cubes in different shapes.

7.   Games

You can choose some games that would be appropriate for the party. There are some popular such as the one where the bride answers questions about her future husband (which you prepared ahead and checked the answers with her beloved one) and when she doesn’t answer the question correctly, the bride then takes a drink. You can also organize another type of a game, where every guest brings a pair of underwear for the bride and the bride has to guess who brought each pair. You can check online for more ideas.

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8.   Outfits

It is popular to dress in special outfits for this kind of celebration. The first thing you need to think about here is the bride: make sure to dress her specially because it’s her night. Assemble a nice dress for her, perhaps a veil, some accessories and definitely a tiara! As for the rest of the girls, you can order t-shirts with custom writing on them, or everyone can wear a custom designed sash together with some accessories like party hats, masks, jewelry, glasses, pins, etc.

9.   Transportation

No matter the type of party you have organized, think about whether you need transportation. For most cases, you’ll need to organize a taxi or a party bus so that everyone can enjoy the party freely and not miss out of the party by being the sober driver. In any case, don’t drink and drive!

10.  Back-up plan

Even though you thought about every little detail while putting together this awesome party, there could always happen something that was not planned. Just remember that this doesn’t mean that the party is ruined. You should definitely have a back-up plan. So, during the process of arranging the party think about the possible things that could go wrong and think of substitutions for them. Prepare ahead and nothing will surprise you and spoil your perfect party.

The sole organization of the party will take up a lot of your time, but we’re sure you’ll have fun along the way exploring the internet for endless ideas that will blow away your bride’s mind. Start in time and don’t be afraid to ask the other attendants for help with the ideas. Nowadays, it is easy to communicate with a larger number of people. You can make a temporary group on Facebook or Viber where you can post information, updates, different ideas, photos, and videos to make the whole process a lot easier and to keep everyone up to date.

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