Wedding Photographer Sitio San Jorge, Brazil. Flavio Iwai shares a wedding photography technique.

At Wedding Photography Select, we don't just want to show you the best images from the best wedding photographers around the world. We want to tell you a little story behind them as well. The idea, the execution, the result. As this section grows, we want to give you an in depth description of each of the shots taken by some of the very best wedding photographers. We hope it proves to be inspiring and insightful.

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My name is Flavio Iwai and I've been a wedding photographer since 2010. I was an athlete for 14 years and saw the wedding photography as an opportunity to make people feel good with something I did. Always work with team of 2 or more wedding photographers. They help me to capture the main parts of the wedding day which leaves me free to pursue what I love, moments, people and to get close to them and be creative. I made the choice to work only with one camera, the Nikon D4 or D750 and 2 lenses (28mm and 50mm 1.8 1.4), I like to get close to people and this also helps me to be discreet during the day, so that the guests do not realize me or feel cornered / intimidated by camera.

On inspiration, I always get inspired by people as they are, because I believe these people manage to convey the love in my work and affection in each shot because you can feel it in the images, they transmit it. Marriage is that to me, knowing that I will be forever part of a new life. Family is what makes me get out of bed every day, this is why I love shooting weddings. 'I like to shoot people who are happy'

Pictured in the foreground are the grandparents of the bride and groom, from the start of the wedding they were inseparable and I knew there would be a moment that they would have on their own and I wanted to capture it when it happened, this image was that moment. It happened when the bride and groom kissed when the priest said

'For all the couples who love each other, you can now join in and show it with the bride and the groom.'.

I was there facing the grandparents at this time. The greatest difficulty about this shot was waiting and being patient, I trust my team to capture all the wedding details for me, freeing me up for perfect moments such as this one.

I tried to set up the composition to get up every couple kissing in the picture but putting emphasis on the grooms grandparents.

Camera: Nikon D4, lens 50mm 1.4, F/5.6, ISO4000, 1/125.

I cropped in Lightroom, taking out a woman who did not add anything to scene, and adjusting basic contrast, sharpness and converted into BW.

My strongest feeling of accomplishment and happiness came when the groom me said:

'This is the picture that I want to print, it depicts how I want to remember them.'

The couple loved the picture, mainly because all that appear are close to them, so we did 5 90x60cm prints for each couple that appears in the photo.

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