Wedding Photographer Washington, United States. Ken Pak shares a wedding photography technique.

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My name is Ken Pak, and I am a wedding photographer based in Washington, D.C, USA. For me, photography is a way to expose life at its best. My spontaneity of expression and friendly nature let me capture the most natural once in a lifetime moments through my lenses. I love traveling around the world capturing moments that couples and families hold close to their hearts. With extensive experience, I have a dedication to the art of photography that knows no bounds, and I've devoted to making your wedding pictures truly precious.

The groom and bride are doing their couple dance surrounded by the guest in a Gatsby themed low light room with a live band. I wondered how I should capture this precious couple dance moment with their wedding theme incorporated. I looked around the room right before the dance and I spotted the reflection of the couple on an acrylic poster of Uncle Sam 'I am counting on you' war campaign, which gave me an idea that everyone should stay quiet during the first dance. In order to keep the environmental color and exposure in the room with the mood, I set my Switronix TorchLED video light on the stand in the corner to illuminate the couple and made an adjustment to match the room light temperature & exposure of the pianist in the other corner. When everyone, the couple, Uncle Sam and pianist got into the frame all together with the matching expression, I snapped the shot. Waiting for the right time wasn't too bad. ;)

There were sone difficulties shooting this shot as the floor was too crowded, so I had to ask the guests to provide me a room for the shot. I lowered my body to avoid the reflection of myself on the poster. The composition worked out for me well with anticipation.

Canon 5D Mark III, Focal Length: 32mm, F Number: 2.8, Lens: 16-35mm f/2.8, Exposure Time: 1/125, ISO: 1000, Switronix TorchLED with variable exposure & color temperature control on a stand, No Speedlight use. I took some test shots to figure out the exposure of the poster and pianist and adjusted the TorchLED to match the environmental room lighting exposure and color temperature. In Photoshop I burned around the corner. Leveling and Curve using Photoshop CC.

I really loved the result! With much anticipation and waiting, I can't still believe that it came out as I envisioned. The couple loved it along with all the photos from the wedding.

The shot was taken in the Mansion on O Street located in Washington, D.C.

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