Wedding Photographer Germany, Peru. Maik Dobiey shares a wedding photography technique.

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After some time as a commercial photographer working for very different clients with different needs in different environments I discovered that Wedding photography is what I enjoyed most. I have complete creative freedom and the best clients I can hope for. During northern summer I am based in Germany working all over Europe and the rest of the year I am based in Lima, Peru. Weddings are very different between both locations and I love the diversity in my work as well as the different challenges I am facing. Usually it is the challenges and the things that work against me that force me to be most creative.

I am a fan of using a back light in my photos. Usually it is the sun, but it can also be a flash to create a halo effect, a rim light or just a little kicker sometimes. I like how it can light dust, smoke, fumes etc against a dark background. So I often use back light in one way or another to highlight the hairspray when the bride is getting ready. This time at a hair and make up studio in Lima, Peru, I was balancing ambient light with a flash from behind but the background was very distracting with people running around in most photos. So I decided to get rid of it completely by underexposing until the photo was pitch black and then only light with a flash from behind to get a silhouette. I had to take several photos to have bride and hair dresser in a position where the light was not blocked and I got a clear silhouette as I don't like to pose or repeat moments unless it is during the portrait session

The equipment used was a Nikon D3s with a Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 and a Nikon SB800 which was triggered with a Radio Popper JrX. This system allows me to quickly adjust the flash power manually from the Camera.
In Lightroom I increased contrast, lowered the blacks even a little more, sharpened and slightly cropped it. As there was almost no color left anyway, I converted the photo to black & white.

For comparison I would have loved to include lips and chin in a second shot but the flash was at an angle where it did not hit the lips and left a black whole in the silhouette. There was no time to move the light as they were doing the final retouching with hairspray already. I am happy with the shot as it is and it turned out to be one of the favourite images of the bride and groom.

Image By Antonio Gibotta

Antonio Gibotta

Antonio Gibotta, been born to Avellino in August of 1988, since quickly approaches itself and the work of the father, an asserted photographer is gotten passionate carefully to the

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Image By Manuel Joven Elipe

Manuel Joven Elipe

Nominated for the 2013 and 2015 photography Goya Awards in Spain. Photography is not only my job but also my passion, my training was with a photographer in the neighborhood where

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Image By David Alarcón

David Alarcón

My name is David Alarcón and I work with Oriana Bustamante, she is my parter at work and my wife. Together we are DAVIDYORIANA. We are wedding photographers in Chile. This tim

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