Wedding Photographer Weggis, Switzerland. Magnus Bogucki shares a wedding photography technique.

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I am originally from Sweden but both parents are polish. For the last 15 years I have been living abroad (Norway, UK, US, Australia) but now I live in Switzerland. I started with photography in 2003 where I took landscape photos. I didn't want people in the photos. Now I am the opposite! Recently I looked back at my initial work and in one way it is embarrassing because the photos are terrible but at the same time it is great to see that I have developed over time and managed to find my style. I try to stay as natural as possible which means I don't do much in Lightroom or Photoshop . For me, light is everything. If you got great light and use it to your advantage then you don't need to do much afterwards. I like clean photos which means I can remove objects which disturb me (If I can't cut them out when I take the photo of course).

I had walked by this place when I went for a hike with my family. When we arranged this session we met at sunrise. I knew I wanted to go to that location but I didn't have the image in my head. The image came to me when I saw the sun coming up and how the light fell and created shadows.

It was funny because I had my 200mm lens and I was at least 150-200meters away from them, so I had to call my assistant by mobile phone and pose them. It took some time but it was worth it! The couple did - I wasn't aware of this - but the entire slope was full of cow poo! But they managed to avoid it and got to the top!

Since they are so small in the photo I wanted to ensure one could identify them individually. This is why I asked them to stand apart, hold hands and kiss.

Nikon D700, 18-200m f2.8, Max Zoom! Around 10-12 photos taken in a vertical position and then stitched together.

I usually you spot metering and then checked the histogram.

I stiched togeter 10-12 photos, cleaned up the slope (as there were tracks on it - i still left some but not all)

Love this photo. A lot of work behind it. Woke up very early, long walks for the client and myself and the result is great! The couple loved the photo!



I like to capture the moments in the most natural way possible and use everything that surrounds me if it will help me to make a better image or a more creative shot. I always take

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Image By Cafa Liu

Cafa Liu

I am a wedding photographer based in Toronto, I record wedding moments from a special 'Cafa' angle, and create loving memories with passion. I have won many awards from many in

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Image By Chris Parkes

Chris Parkes

I'm Chris. As a teen I used to look at pictures in books: now I get to create pictures for a living. The best part of my job is going to be you: I'm looking for adventurous, creati

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