Wedding Photographer New York, United States. Kristin Reimer shares a wedding photography technique.

At Wedding Photography Select, we don't just want to show you the best images from the best wedding photographers around the world. We want to tell you a little story behind them as well. The idea, the execution, the result. As this section grows, we want to give you an in depth description of each of the shots taken by some of the very best wedding photographers. We hope it proves to be inspiring and insightful.

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Post graduation (1991, BFA Pratt Institute), I began shooting weddings part-time while also running the studio for Magnum photographer, Elliott Erwitt. In addition to a strong education of running a small business, my time with Elliott gave me a more extensive understanding of the history of photography and of the unique and diverse contributions of those who defined the field of photojournalism.

In 2002, moving forward independently, I founded Photomuse. My photographic style began to emerge as a blend of my background in fine art and photojournalism. I am based in Brooklyn, N.Y. and I am an award-winning member of ISPWP,Fearless Photographers, WPJA and AGWPJA.

If I wasn't a photographer, I'd either be in the woods searching for elves, or I would be "Kutie Krimebuster" as my partner lovingly calls me due to my curious nature and desire to solve mysteries! Happily, I am a photographer. I like to utilize textures, layers and whimsy not to just document, but to tell a visual tale filled with hope, magic and passion.

After the first dance, the bride was having her gown bustled in a corner of the room surrounded by mirrors. I love shooting the bustling because the bride is often so immersed in the process that it yields beautiful moments and portraits of the bride in a very candid way.

After shooting the bustling, the bride took a quiet moment to look outside before heading
back to the party.

My biggest obstacle was finding a way to isolate the bride and leave out the details of the tables and guests that were in the corner and being reflected as well. I chose to take a low angle and shoot upwards which cut out the business below. In addition, because it was a very tight space, I was using a 28mm lens.

Shooting from below definitely helped to isolate the bride, but I then had to deal with making the bride look her best (not to mention from using a 28mm). I waited until she lifted her head slightly which elongated her neck and gave her definition. Making the bride look her best (not to mention from using a 28mm).

I was lucky in that it was just before sunset, bringing out beautiful tones and helping me avoid difficult lighting. The mirrors also helped to fill in shadows.

Nikon D3
28mm lens
natural light
f/4.0, 1/320 sec

I was very pleased. While I also loved the prior captures where the liveliness of the tables and friends bustling her were shown, this one was the frame I envisioned in my mind when I first saw the scene.

Later, I brought the couple over to do some “staged portraits” in the corner, but they didn’t hold the same impact for me. The light and the candidness really were the key elements that made me love this image.

The couple absolutely loved it. It has made it into their wedding album.

The couple themselves were my muses! Hilary, pictured, favors romance and softness. Her wife, Lisa, is inspired by photojournalistc imagery and a strong design sense. I felt this image combined both of their passions.

Robert Museum of Art & Design. This is an restaurant that has windows around the perimeter and mirrors on the ceilings. The restaurant overlooks Columbus Circle and Central Park in New York City.

Image By Paul Santos

Paul Santos

Although I consider myself a documentary wedding photographer on the whole, I do love a good portrait! And as my passion for many years was landscape and seascape photography, I lo

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Image By Edgar Machado

Edgar Machado

The idea behind this photo came from the fact that the region in which I live in is undergoing deforestation. I used a mirror as the proposal to double the trees and their remo

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Image By Borriello Photo Studio

Borriello Photo Studio

This photo was from a wedding I shot in a photojournalistic manner, shooting in this style requires you to shoot fast and discreetly. I love to shoot images against the light but

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