Wedding Photographer Italy. Julian Kanz shares a wedding photography technique.

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I was born in Germany and moved to Italy ten years ago where I live at the Ligurian sea with my family. I shoot weddings everywhere in Italy and all around the world. I'm a father of two lovely girls and a husband to a wonderful wife. I'm a lover of good food and wine, my iPod and the sea. Over the last 15 years I’ve had the pleasure of having my photos published in numerous national and international newspapers and journals, and I’ve been honored to photographed hundreds of lovely couples and VIPs. Being a wedding photographer, I get the chance to work all over the world, to meet go to beautiful places and meet gorgeous people.

First of all I should say that usually I shoot weddings alone, without a second shooter. I love working on my own, being unobtrusive and creating the right mood between the couple and me. Saying that, sometimes it's a little risky to work alone. In this case, I saw the bride arriving with her dad and I stood next to the groom and his boys. I saw that beautiful light on the groom's face and in the same moment I saw the silhouette of the bride and her dad. Instead of shooting the usual entrance shot in the middle of the church corridor, I focused on the groom's face and waited for the right moment when the bride and her dad were exactly in front of the bright light coming from outside the entrance door. I only had a few seconds as I had to move back in the middle of the corridor to shoot also the "normal" bride and her dad entrance shot.

In this case the only challenge was focusing only the edge of the groom's face and being quick. Shot using Canon 5D Mark III with 35L, 1/250, f2.8, ISO 4000 using evaluative metering. Processing and cropping in Lightroom. After that I used Photoshop for some more dodge and burn.

I know that the couple loved all images of their wedding but I think this picture is loved especially by other photographers.

Shot at Lake Maggiorem, Italy.

Image By Ken Pak

Ken Pak

My name is Ken Pak, and I am a wedding photographer based in Washington, D.C, USA. For me, photography is a way to expose life at its best. My spontaneity of expression and friend

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Image By Francesco Gravina

Francesco Gravina

Normally, I work with three different cameras at a time, but I don't have a default setting I use, I like to change it according to the photo, the space, the light. I prefer to

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Image By Cristiano Ostinelli

Cristiano Ostinelli

This image was taken with a Canon 5D mark 3 and 14 mm 2.8. I told the bride to drive the boat in this way, the groom was attached to her feet, the pilot of the boat did the sam

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