Wedding Photographer Périgord, France. Jacques Mateos shares a wedding photography technique.

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In 2007 I started my career in wedding photography. I am interested in all kinds of cultures, religions and countries I've had the opportunity to cover weddings in Japan, Mexico, Canada, Morocco, Switzerland, Hong Kong and I would like do more and more across the world. In parallel with weddings I do a lot of pre or post wedding shoots for couples. I have won many awards from various associations. I also like to shoot the intimacy of the family after a wedding and also shoot pictures of pregnancy and babies, this to me is very important as I love to document the history of the family. It's a different rhythm. Finally, I like to work closely with people, literally and figuratively.

This is Vicky's father, the lady is the bridesmaid, she is very close to Vicky's family. The father didn't know which side to stay on when walking down the aisle and asked me about 30 seconds before I took this shot. The usual question is 'Do I stay on the right or left' I told him it was easy, the bride stands next to the side your heart is on (the left). The father of the bride had been relaxed most of the day. Suddenly the reality of the situation (his daughter getting married) hit home, the bridesmaid could see this in his face so moved to embrace and comfort him. When I look at this picture I can feel and see everything he is feeling.

Just before entering the church I always moving around. I saw this moment so positioned myself to get the shot and to frame the bride in the shot too. I always pay attention to the level of emotion to anticipate what may happen and to be in the right place at the right time. I frame the shot, shoot and sometimes adjust things a little and take a few shots depending if the moment has passed or not. Having the bride in frame for this shot is crucial. It introduces a second layer to the photo giving it more depth.

I use 2 5D MKIII with 2 different lenses, for the Church entry I have a 16-35 f2.8 and a 50 f1.2 or 85 1.2, depending on the situation but often the 50.
I work in Manual and spot meter (90% of the time) for the techies, I do the focus with AF button under my thumb in order to keep focusing and light metering separately.

Processing work is quite simple, I used my own preset in Lightroom, basically I process all in color but I do a selection for a Black & white "overview. I try to introduce deep blacks with high contrast. I also painted with the brush to have more darkness on the left side and more light on the brides face and hand.

This photo is loved the most by the bride and groom and I received a mail from her mother about this image. I've never forgot the moment I read it. I cried because I was so happy be able to shoot this wedding and this image and to give this moment to the family. To know that a family in Australia (the opposite side of the planet to me) will be able to look at this moment forever. This is simply incredible for me.

The wedding was held in Périgord, France. An area well known for its way of life. The "truffles", "foie gras" and great food.

Venue: La Durantie, http://www.chateauladurantie.com
Church: Village de La Nouaille

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