Wedding Photographer Italy. Graziano Guerini shares a wedding photography technique.

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I’m Italian and I shoot weddings together with my girlfriend Melinda Temesi (she is Hungarian, from Budapest), so we spend the year between Italy and Hungary but we are available to work anywhere in the world.

This wedding was a polish/Hungarian wedding in Budapest, a lovely couple with two very lovely families. They asked us to be there early at 9:00 o'clock, to capture the morning atmosphere. Then we started taking photos of all the family members, the bride's make up, the hair dressing, and then we went up in the room where she wanted to dress up.

It was quite a small room, and inside was the bride, two sisters and two nieces, plus me! I was taking photos of every detail, of course, trying to catch the emotions and the smiles on everyone’s face, and some funny moments, when suddenly I saw the father appearing in the door…In that moment I saw this picture in my head.

The difficult part was to create exactly the image I had in my mind, with the bride blurred on the right, on half frame, and especially focusing in time on the father’s face before this happy and proud expression and moment would be gone forever. Moreover, since the room was small, I was using the zoom mostly at the wide angle, so I had also to take a couple of steps back, to zoom in a little bit more and to have in this way some more blur on her (but not too much, I wanted her recognizable).

Explaining it seems like I had a long time to get this shot but everything happened in few seconds, as often it happens in situations like this.

I soon realized that it was one of those moments to be remembered in BW, it definitely concentrates the viewer’s eyes on his expression better, and then the eyes go to her, while dressing up, describing perfectly this short but important and precious moment, in my opinion,it was the right choice, and also the bride and the groom loved this photo.

This is one of my favorites photo of the getting ready segment of the day, I think it’s very intimate and it shows the emotions of a father (I always enjoy a lot shooting the getting ready, it's always a part of the day which is plenty of emotions and gives us many satisfactions).

It was taken with my old D300s and the Nikkor 17-55 f2.8, at 38mm, f/4, 1/100s, 1600 ISO, metering Matrix.
The post production consisted simply in a manual BW, and some sharpening on him, with a very little vignetting.

Image By Jacques Mateos

Jacques Mateos

This shot was taken during the bride and groom portrait session just after the wedding ceremony. A very nice sunny day during June in Le Havre, France. It was in a garden, actually

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Image By Samantha Pennini

Samantha Pennini

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Image By Kelly Redinger Wedding Photography

Kelly Redinger Wedding Photography

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