Wedding Photographer Cyclades, Greece. Giorgos Galanopoulos shares a wedding photography technique.

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Giorgos Galanopoulos was born in Athens , he works on the island of Santorini, Greece and is a professional photographer and cinematographer, whose work has been exhibited at the art gallery Galanopoulos at Santorini since 2002.

Most of the time he use photojournalist style where images are captured spontaneously to emphasize moments and emotion trying to find moments during a wedding that happen naturally rather than setting up portraits, record the atmosphere and minimize disturbance to the couple, however he also use traditional formal posing and advance studio lighting techniques .
It was a nice surprise for me when they call me to cover a wedding at the island of Folegandros , for those they don’t know Folegandros is tiny island at Cyclades Greece, is one of the very few that the locals have manage to keep it untouched from tourism and an excellent change to take some authentic images.

The orthodox ceremony performed at Panagia Church located at the top of a mountain about 40 min walking , caring all the equipment and taking pictures a t the same it was a challenge however the magnificent scenery reward us with a magical sunset.

I shot the above photo during the couple first dance, my equipment was a Canon 5d mark III with a canon 24-105 zoom lens and off camera canon 580exII flash with a beauty dish on.
I notice the bride shiny eye looking at the groom and I know this was the moment, I check if my lighting assistant was in the right place change my camera to high speed continues shooting and manage to take series of 8 images us the bride was ripping of his shirt.

Without even think about it I instantly change the image to black and white, a little retouching dodge and burn with photoshop and the image was ready for the couple, definitely the best reward was when they call me a couple months later and they say that cry looking at the photos, , moments like this make you think that this is the best job in the world.

Image By Jacques Mateos

Jacques Mateos

This shot was taken during the bride and groom portrait session just after the wedding ceremony. A very nice sunny day during June in Le Havre, France. It was in a garden, actually

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Image By Miztalmim Photography

Miztalmim Photography

The idea with this shot was to capture the moment and the vibes of this wedding part. In Israel there are religious weddings and there are parties with a lot of "acrobatic" things

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Image By Theilen Wedding Photography

Theilen Wedding Photography

Matt and Tara are destination wedding photographers based in the Lake Tahoe area. Their goal is to document weddings with photographs that are authentic and meaningful–or as we s

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