Wedding Photographer Luisenpark, Mannheim, Germany. Frank Ullmer shares a wedding photography technique.

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I´m a German wedding photographer and shoot weddings in Germany, Europe, worldwide, wherever couples decide and like me to shoot photos of their wonderful wedding day(s). To me it´s gift to having the pleasure to see so many beautiful places around the world, to meet so many lovely/gorgeous couples plus their family & friends.

It was a summer wedding in August located in a big park/garden, the ceremony was outside in the Chinese garden. So we spent some time taking their pictures between the ceremony and the dinner, walking around in this big and wonderful park. On our way back to the venue for the reception and dinner with 5 Minutes left we stopped at this awesome tree which I knew from seeing it earlier in the day. I decided to cross it´s way at the end of our shooting when they are already in the mood for this situation. I definitely knew this be a perfect match for this gorgeous couple, the brides dress to sit on this limb and have a romantic moment for themselves and to capture one special moment in a lovely picture. Being well prepared on our walk around the park we had a ladder to help them get up on this limb. Because the sun came from the left side as harsh back light I decided to add some really decent flash fill light with just one Speedlite. Decent because I didn't want the picture to look like an arranged situation and to look more natural.

I am a Canon shooter, although had a Nikon D800 which I used to capture this photo. Did the couple love the photo and the way I captured it - Yes - From the moment they asked me where to stand beside the tree and I said "No :-) , I want you to sit on the limb, right there" there were sparkles in their eyes and they loved the idea, situation, the moment, the light. So this this is for sure the best way to get a romantic situation.

Technically this shot came was captured with a Nikon D800, 24-70 2.8G, 24mm, 1/400, f3,5, ISO 400, SB 910 (decent fill, zoomed on the couple).
Post processing in Lightroom to add some additional dodge and burn and my picture.

Image By Alberto Sagrado

Alberto Sagrado

Hi my name is Alberto Sagrado a wedding photographer based in Murcia, Madrid and Alicante. We are a team of wedding photographers who love to travel anywhere to shoot beautiful

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Image By Anna & Jacek Bieniek

Anna & Jacek Bieniek

We are wife and husband working always together in order to catch every important moment of your Big Day. "Always present but never seen" - we prefer photo journalistic style mixed

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Image By Graziano Guerini

Graziano Guerini

I’m Italian and I shoot weddings together with my girlfriend Melinda Temesi (she is Hungarian, from Budapest), so we spend the year between Italy and Hungary but we are avai

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