Wedding Photographer Itabuna, Brazil. Flávio Alvarenga shares a wedding photography technique.

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I'm Flavio, a former stage actor who has devoted nine years of his life on stage and always loved the art. I'm a playful, communicative guy and love meeting new stories. Can I confess something? To tell the truth I'm already super eager to know more about the beautiful love story of you! :)

The idea of composition arose when the mother was going to get her daughter to take her to the altar. Generally, those who exercise this role is usually is the father, but in this case, the father of Marilia was unable to accompany her having been stricken with a stroke. Therefore, I took this opportunity to create something totally different. A mixture of mother with daughter! The mother when she was young and the future of her daughter when she gets older.

When I saw the picture I fell in love, I got home looking at it and after the post-production I was even more passionate, but had no idea it would have such a big impact!

Every day I try to bring stories, reasons, motives and feelings to my photography. The photograph brings me to the story of the family and shows that the daughter is a reflection of her mother. Furthermore, it shows the past of the mother and daughter's future and all of us that one day we will be more mature and experienced people. It also reveals the similarities between them.

Knowing a little history of the couple and Valter Marilia helped me grow not only as a professional but also as a person. I am very grateful to them for everything I learned from the beautiful and exciting love story. As the bride's mother, my mother is also my mirror today, are very attached to each other. I'm her reflection and my photography reflects who I am.

The greatest difficulty in making this picture has been framing the face of the mother to the daughter because the mother was coming to pick her up and I did not know how far I would have that angle. At any time the mother could move out of the composition. But it all worked, I did several more clicks to get where I wanted.

I am very pleased with the result. These are the things that make me passionate about photography and those I photograph. The bride and groom loved the photo. It was produced in the city of Itabuna, Bahia, Brazil. The ceremony and reception was at the same site in Estancia San Antonio. Photo taken with a Canon 5D mark III, 28mm USM, 1/160 sec at f/2.2, ISO 2000.

Image By Manel Tamayo

Manel Tamayo

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