Wedding Photographer Florence, Italy. Fabio Mirulla shares a wedding photography technique.

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I was born in 1986 in a small village near Florence, Siena and Arezzo (Tuscany). Since I was young I began to appreciate the beauty of the landscapes that surround me, so loved all over the world, so when in 2005 I started working as a wedding photographer, I've tried to realize services in which the beauty of the places would shine through and make unique images, thanks to the use of lights and a special day which is the wedding day.

My photography style is as if looking through a keyhole, it is never invasive or obtrusive, it captures moments and emotions, with the privileged point of view of those who shares happiness.

You will see the tense expression of the groom waiting for the bride to come, the tears of happiness of a friend who reads his speech, the first dance barefoot on the grass, a stolen photo of a kiss on the forehead during the sunset ... moments that will remain indelibly fixed in the photographs and in memories.

Inspired by American photographers, I had this idea on my mind for some time. Usually I prefer “photojournalist shots” but however if you have a good idea that has worth, even if it is not the style you prefer, it’ s always good to shoot it.

To realize this shot you need three fundamental conditions: heavy rain, an open space with no lights and above all a nice couple ready to experiment.

The first problem was not to get the equipment wet; to keep the flash safe I used a simple plastic transparent bag. The flash was the main object (with the radio receiver) exposed to rain as it was placed behind the couple. To create a good lighting effect. I gave to the groom a white umbrella: this allowed the light to be diffused on the couple so to have them highlighted from my point of view (and not to create a silhouette). Moreover in this way the umbrella seems to be highlighted by its own light.

The idea was to have a little corner exposed (only the flash range) on a black background.

To shot this photo I used:
- Canon 5D MkIII at 1/100 sec
- Canon 28mm lens at f2,8
- Canon Speedlite 580EX II Flash at 1/8 of power
- Wireless Flash trigger Yongnuo RF-602
In post production I only increased a little the sharpness and the color saturation.I framed the shot to have more of the black background on the right and above the couple.

I was very happy because the shot I realized in my mind is the shot I captured. The couple were very enthusiastic about the final image. A lot of new couples ask me, in case of rain, on their wedding day to create a similar shot...

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