Wedding Photographer Beverino, Italy. Alessandro Manno shares a wedding photography technique.

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I was born in 1977 in Italy, where I actually live. I've started taking photos when I was thirteen. Today I own a small studio in La Spezia, near Cinque Terre and Portovenere where I do most of my work. I do portraits and wedding photography. I love to tell stories of that unique and amazing day. I love to share feelings with the Bride and the Groom; they choose me as their storyteller and I always want to give them my best. I love to capture real feelings, emotions, details and find a new points of view. Each couple has its own story. I love this job. I can travel worldwide, and meet different cultures and places. That's one of the good things of being a photographer.

In my country, Italy, after the ceremony the guests throw rice at the couple as a tradition. Right after that, they start to greet each other. Between those moments I decided to take a shot to show the tail of the dress and the wooden ground of the church. I love details, this is why I took this image.

No difficulties taking this shot. I do exactly what I want. In wedding photography you have to keep an eye on everything. Everything is there you only have to spot it. For this shot I decided to cut away the bodies to focus on the dress.

Shot with a Nikon D300 at a church in Beverino with 17-35mm 2.8; I always carry 2 lens: 17-35mm and 50mm, checking the exposure on the dress.

I've started taking pictures on film, so I prefer to have good shots straight out of the camera and do less post processing. Just B/W conversion, increasing the contrast.

**If you wish to see more work by Alessandro Manno check out his Facebook page while his website is being updated**

Image By Thomas Harris

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Cristiano Ostinelli

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