Wedding Photographer Italy. Alessandro Iasevoli shares a wedding photography technique.

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My name is Alessandro and I am a photographer based in Rome.
I started my career as wedding photographer 3 years ago, I do mostly candid reportage shots but some time I do like to take some creative posed shot to Bride and Groom, in order to render them a few iconic images of their union and love.

I took this shot at one of the last wedding that took place in Convento di San Francesco in Umbria (Italy). As soon as we arrive at the Reception I noticed this spot where a big tree was adorned with candle lights. I knew from the begininng that I could do something interesting here for a couple portrait; the blue sky was rapidily turning dark and I originally thought to include the sunset sky as well (taking a wider angle) but it was not possible to take the shot before the dinner...

So I waited until the end of the dinner and the cake cutting. Now the sky was completely dark so it didn’t make sense to keep the original idea and therefore I decided to focus only on the candle lights and the light of a tungsten ground reflector that was right behind the green hedge. The light was strongly reflected on the wall of the house, so I decided to have a siluohette portrait. I then just found the right place to shoot from and the right lens (Canon 35mm f/1.4 L) but still I was not satisfied with the color of the light coming from the window (it was yellow light as well). I needed some point of light of a different color to balance the predominat yellow lights of the scene. So I placed my Canon flash inside the room with a blu gelly over it and regulated manually at 1/32 of its power.

As soon as the stage was ready I asked Bride and Groom to pose for few seconds in the spotlight. It was then easy to take 3-4 different shots with triggered flash. This is the best shot in terms of their position in the frame.

I shot with a Canon eos 5D Mark III and a Canon 35mm f/1.4 L lens at f/2.8 aperture with t 1/125 shutter speed at 3200 ISO.

I developed the Raw file with Lightroom improving tones and the saturation both of the light candles and the blu windows. That's it!

Bride & Groom and their friends saw the picture just few days after on my Facebook page and all of them were surpised and very happy about the result.

Image By Michael Marker

Michael Marker

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