Wedding Photographer Rome, Italy. Alessandro Ghedina shares a wedding photography technique.

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Hi I'm Alessandro, photographer for about 20 years, starting with landscape, sport, architecture and interior design photography, for about 8 years my main interest is people photography, I love faces, emotion and it gives me much more feedback than any other kind of photography sector. I'm based in Florence and being a destination wedding photographer always helps me to have new ideas every wedding.

A good wedding photographer must have skills in all kinds of photography, fashion, street, reportage, advertising, with very little time to think and create, I prefer candid shots trying never to be intrusive, I don't want to change the day of the wedding but just take images of what is really happening. My goal is to create something new and creative every wedding I shoot.

I was in Rome, it was raining on a winters day so the shoot seems as if it's at night but in fact it's noon. I always try to take different shots every wedding I never repeat an old shot.

So I took the brides shoes and went out in the streets, the first pictures where the shoes reflecting in some water pots in the street, then I saw this nice street with the typical stones of Rome. I put them in the middle of a very busy street and waited for a car to pass (a very common FIAT 500)

The main difficulty was shooting on a wet street from a very low angle, I used the liveview finder to compose the shot, normally I just lay on the street but here it was impossible, people in the cars were getting mad with me!!!

I just choose a point of view that included the most important symbol of this wedding: the rainy day, Rome, wedding shoes and Italy.

Shot with a Canon EOS 5D MK III Sigma EX 50mm f/1.4, settings at 1/800 sec f/2.2 ISO 100. Aperture priority, Automatic exposure 2/3 stop underexposed.

In lightroom I made some contrast and sharpness changes in the shoes area, some darkening in the rest of image, I used a Fuji 160C film preset with some personal adjustment.

A photographer normally makes the mistake of loving the most difficult shot instead of loving just the shot itself, so I feel proud of this idea. I got more enthusiastic feedback from other photographers, they thought it was a great and original idea. A girl on Facebook commented as 'SAD' probably because of the loneliness of the shoes in on rainy wedding day...but it was not meant to produce a sad shot ;)

Image By Loic Nicolas Wedding Photography

Loic Nicolas Wedding Photography

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