Wedding Photographer Cheshire. Adam Johnson shares a wedding photography technique.

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I love this image and I think it defines a part of my style of wedding photography, not just because I love silhouettes, but also because I love manipulating and using light (available and artificial) to create the type of shot that no wedding guest, no matter how good their camera may be, is going to see or take. To me it's just wedding photography, I don't like to label it in any other cliche way.

This photo was taken during Grace and Phil's first dance. I did have some flashguns set up on stands as I always do but when they came together like this, I immediately saw the symmetry and shot a few frames with flash. Their reception was in a marquee and they were dancing in basically complete darkness, I knew if I shut off the flashes they would be silhouetted against the roof of the marquee and then I just had to wait a few seconds for them to sway a little so they were perfectly side-on to me.

The difficulty in this level of darkness is achieving critical focus. The camera did hunt a little at first and the first two frames I shot of this were out of focus, but third time lucky I guess and it all turned out perfect.

For first dances I often choose a spot and stick to it. That was the case here and most of the shots I took of Grace and Phil dancing were from this spot. I like to see the guests in the background looking on (I hate to see DJ setups etc in dancing shots) and I like the symmetry of the marquee lights behind.

Equipment used Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 35mm 1.4L. Nice and simple.

I loved it as soon as I shot it and it's one of my favourite photos of this year. Grace is an old friend of mine so it's extra special because of that. Their dance was very romantic, and I think the image captures that feeling.

Grace and Phil's wedding ceremony took place at a local church before their reception in this marquee on Phil's family farm in Lancashire, England.

Not much post work. A warm up to make the light behind glow nice and orange, then I pulled the blacks and shadows down and pushed the highlights up a little. A little bit of saturation, and that's it. All done in Lightroom.

Some of the best advice I've received is to commit to a composition and wait. That's what I did here, and it paid off with this shot, which has also won an award with the ISPWP that I'm very proud of.

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