Wedding Photographer Spain. Manuel Joven Elipe shares a wedding photography technique.

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Nominated for the 2013 and 2015 photography Goya Awards in Spain. Photography is not only my job but also my passion, my training was with a photographer in the neighborhood where I lived in the city of Zaragoza. I always, in my head wanted to create my own business one day, it is creative work that I've always had a passion for, now I have my own business and every day that passes I am thankful for every job I am hired for. My challenge is to capture unique images that reflect all the feelings and emotions, to help people remember something special as the years pass. Since I started with digital cameras, each shot is an illusion, I love working with ambient light but I also enjoy working with the off camera flash. I try to have all the right equipment in my bag, ready for all the shots I can imaging and realise. Post production is also an essential part of my work too.

This picture is taken in this spot because I found this place where the light could bounce off the metal columns, which would highlight the silhouettes of the couple, it was taken at night, it wasn't easy but I just had to get this shot and was very determined.

As discussed above, I always carry enough equipment to solve any situation, this is important, you should never have to stop getting those images you want because you don't have the right tools. I love Modernist buildings because they give a lot of strength in an image and the use of black and white in this case enhances this, it gives more realism to the image, the black and white provided a very nice fusion.

The picture was taken with a Nikon D4 camera ISO 2000,4 speed manual flash diaphragm ,125 1/64 35mm zoom flash, the lens used in this case was a 2.8 24/70 Nikkor. I never take a single photograph, I always take several shots to ensure I can realise the final image.

I love the post-production work in this picture, when you create a good photograph and you know that in post-production you can improve it, that is exciting to me, the results after this process for me are essential for quality work.

After the work was completed in this picture, it is clear that photography has character, the black and white gives a lot of strength, the place is very suitable and the modernist line and the flash light works to highlight the figures of the bride and groom therefore within this set the result is very good. My clients were very satisfied with the work done and in fact this year we have several pairs of friends who wanted to see the our work.

Image By Chris Parkes

Chris Parkes

I'm Chris. As a teen I used to look at pictures in books: now I get to create pictures for a living. The best part of my job is going to be you: I'm looking for adventurous, creati

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Image By Jacques Mateos

Jacques Mateos

In 2007 I started my career in wedding photography. I am interested in all kinds of cultures, religions and countries I've had the opportunity to cover weddings in Japan, Mexico, C

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Image By Matthew Gonzalez

Matthew Gonzalez

My name is Matthew Gonzalez, born and raised in Chile. As a child I had an interest in the arts especially photography, some time ago I am dedicated myself to weddings and today I

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