Wedding Photographer Alberta, Canada. Kelly Redinger Wedding Photography shares a wedding photography technique.

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I've been chasing the light with my camera for as long as I can remember. I bought my first camera in junior high school, following a chance encounter with a dark room and a roll of film. I'll admit, the first photos I ever took were absolute rubbish. But I was completely captivated! And still, that love was kept dormant for over 10 years before I was confident enough to quite my job and make photography my career.

My camera and I have been on some incredible adventures, it has fed my enthusiasm for travel and exploration, and has taken me to places both near and far. I'm quite certain that if I had been as adventurous as a youth as I am now, my photo career would have started at a much earlier age!

As I've grown, I've realized that the most important things in my life have always been people. And this realization has given me a great perspective towards my photography, it's the people and the moments you share with them that truly define your life. And that is what I find I am most interested in capturing. My style (and my training) started out being very traditional, but slowly, day by day, I am inching towards the journalistic feel that I find myself drawn to.

I had come across this parking garage while scouting for locations to photograph an upcoming wedding, and actually knew right away what I wanted to do with the photo. The light was great, as it funneled down the circular section of the area, and fell right into this open area at the bottom, so it was obvious that I would place the bride and groom in the light. What wasn't obvious right away was how I would get them to take up the entire space, in my head this was a horizontal photo, but with only 2 people, there was a lot of empty space. Normally, I am happy to include negative space in the photo, but in this photo, I wanted to fill it up, and I was also looking to introduce some movement or action into the scene as well. The idea of having them dance their way across the frame came to me once the couple were in the space.

This image was com-posited in Photoshop, and consisted of 15 different images. The biggest challenge I faced was that I had forgotten my tripod in my vehicle, and with time running out I had to hand hold all the exposures. This is not a problem when shooting single images (there was lots of light), but having the camera on a tripod would have made the photoshop work a whole lot easier!

The photo is straight on, with no crazy angles. I wanted the perspective to be straight so the building walls were not distorted, but otherwise I was counting on the movement in the image as being the main element, and did not want the composition to take away from that.

Shot with Canon 5D Mark II f/5 @ 1/160 sec @ ISO 800 24-70 f/2.8 L lens at 24 mm Shot handheld, but a tripod would be recommended!

I had them repeat this scene a few times, and each time I started shooting at one end and continued shooting until they reached the other side. Another key point, the camera had to be pointed in the same area the whole time (or else the background, focus, etc would change from frame to frame, making the post work very difficult).

I had pre-focused on the area I knew they would walk through, then turned the focus to manual and kept myself and the camera in the same position while they moved through the frame.

I relied on the in camera meter. Nothing special here. I was using Aperture Priority, and underexposed the scene by 2/3 of a stop.

Took about 1.5 hours of photoshop work to create this. As I said, that would have been reduced drastically if I had used a tripod though! Looking through the images, I found about 15 images that showed the movement well, and then began selecting them out of each image and compiling them all into a single frame. The single frame was the ending position the couple finished at. Each new position was then placed in sequence as a new layer, and using layer masks and altering the opacity, I was able to add them motion to the scene.

What made this possible was the pre-planning. I was acutely aware of the background, and having it be clean and uncluttered made the job so much easier!

I am happy with the results for sure, and the client loves it! This was taken a few seasons ago, so as I have grown in my photography, I find myself doing less and less of these types of images. Having said that, nearly every single client who came in to meet with me about their wedding commented on this image.

I'll add this comment too. While I am really happy with the image, I am careful who I show it to, as I have no interest in doing hours of extra photoshop work for every single client I work with. When I see a photo that I am compelled to create (like this one) I will do it, but I do it for me more so than for the client. Having this type of images all over my website would encourage clients to hire me to do more, which may seem like a blessing, except that I'd rather be out shooting than in front of my computer.

Shot taken in a parking garage in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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