Wedding Photographer Italy. Samuele Ciaffoni Wedding Photography shares a wedding photography technique.

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Samuele Ciaffoni Wedding Photography

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I'm Samuele, Sam to my friends; class 1977, I've followed in my fathers footsteps. I grew up with rolls, lens and cameras in the little photography studio of my parents. 40 years of experiences and developments turn that little studio into a modern and creative space, a melting pot of different sensitivities with an innovative style and proposals that led me to gain membership into the most important national and international photography associations.

Colors, lights, emotions, creativity. These are the ingredients that have brought us to be among the top 10 wedding photographers in Italy. An extravagant style and modern, attention to detail and careful analysis makes our work a unique product.

My distinctiveness lies in telling this special day with a different eye, putting the couple at ease, without letting them feel the presence of the photographer. Numerous international awards have added over the years the passion for the continued growth and experimentation iconic.

The shot includes a story, a travel story firstly, from China to Italy to celebrate the "big day". The bride and groom are from Pechino and they chose to immerse themselves in the color and warmth of the topical hills of the Marche region in the centre of Italy just to enhance the emotions of their wedding day.

The picture was born in a simple but extraordinary way. After a typical Italian lunch with good food and great wine, we went out to take some photos. While the bride was merrily running she fell down in the wheat.

A simple story, a shot which freezes all the emotions of that day and time; carefree, playful and wonder. Wedding reportage is intuition, rapidity, it's the talent to determine the events in order to shoot them when they happen, being in the right place at the right time. Nothing can be created or repeated. The truth and the spontaneity is what gives this picture impact. The WPJA association honoured this image with an important award: 9th place in the 'Wildcard Portrait' category with an interesting comment from the judges :

'I don't really know what's going on here. I like that it's an offbeat, interesting and surreal image that's witty and thought provoking, evocative liek that of a Magritte painting'

The picture was shot with Canon 5D Mark III with a 24-70 lens then it was worked in Lightroom to increase the beauty of the color and the details of the Italian landscape.

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