Wedding Photographer Nottinghamshire Folega Wedding Photography shoots a wedding at The Maynard Hotel , United Kingdom

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Wedding Photographer : Folega Wedding Photography  
Couple : Charlotte + Steven
Wedding Photographer Nottinghamshire
Ceremony Location : St Michael and All Angels, Hathersage
Reception : The Maynard Hotel
Wedding Date : 22nd August 2014

Tell us a little about yourself??

I've been married to my husband since 2006, have 3 kids (all under 10) & 3 dogs!

Folega Wedding Photography image 1

How do you think or would like people to describe you?

Creative, friendly, approachable.

Folega Wedding Photography image 2

Tell us a little bit about the wedding day?

The wedding was in the beautiful Hope Valley area of the Peak District and was full of lovely little details that the bride & groom made themselves, like the home made blackberry vodka as favours! I arrived first thing in the morning & spent the morning with the bride with a mini boudoir session in there as well to boost confidence and a great way to take time away from all the hustle & bustle. Then I arrived at church, spent time with the groom & his guys and then went on to photograph the day in my natural, non obtrusive style.

Folega Wedding Photography image 3

How did you get into wedding photography?

I was originally a sports photographer and could be found in Ice Rinks around the country photographing Ice Hockey. It was mainly after being disappointed with my wedding photographs that I started to realise I could offer something different. My passion & genuine love for weddings grew from there.

Folega Wedding Photography image 4

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

About 3 years now.

Folega Wedding Photography image 5

Can you share how you've made your wedding photography business a success? Any mistakes you made along the way?

I think the thing with wedding photography is you can never rest on your laurels. You have to always strive to be better, keep learning and keep looking forward and learning from any past mistakes.

Folega Wedding Photography image 6

What do you think a bride or groom should be looking for and not looking for in terms of wedding photography packages?

It all really depends on what the bride & groom are looking for in terms of coverage & what's important to them. I have 3 packages with different coverage & different things included such as albums, engagement shoots and much more.

Folega Wedding Photography image 7

How do you advertise yourself and what for you has really worked?

Blogs are a big thing for me, advertising on blogs & being listed on those directories seem to be working at the moment - but again, you cant rest your laurels! I'm always on the look out for new options. Carefully timed adverts on Facebook have also worked well for me. Word of mouth & recommendations from couples & from other suppliers is also a great way to utilise free advertising!

Folega Wedding Photography image 8

Why do you think people hire you?

I'd hope it's because of my style, my vision, the way I capture their day & because of me! I get to know my couples so I can really view their day in a special way, capturing the moments I know are important to them. I’m easy going but get the job done! I love to mingle with the guests and get to know them as much as I can which always has brilliant results.

Folega Wedding Photography image 9

How many weddings do you average per year?

20-30 It's quality over quantity for me as I like to be able to put my heart & soul into each & every wedding.

Folega Wedding Photography image 10

Whose wedding would you love to shoot?

Any couple that loves my work & appreciates the hard work I put in.

Folega Wedding Photography image 11

If you were asked to shoot a destination wedding, where would you hope it would be?

It would have to be Canada! I could catch up on some hockey while there!

Folega Wedding Photography image 12

What equipment do you have for a typical wedding day?

2 cameras, a multitude of lenses, off camera lighting (usually for first dance) and a bag of tricks that I've found people always ask for or need on wedding days - nice hangers for the dress (hate nasty plastic hangers!), thread, headache tablets and loads more bits & bobs!

Folega Wedding Photography image 13

What is the most challenging thing about a wedding.

Remembering to keep hydrated & energized through the day. I get so caught up in my lovely weddings that I can forget to eat & drink!!

Folega Wedding Photography image 14

Do you have an approach to a wedding?

I approach each wedding with genuine excitement & can't wait to get going!

Folega Wedding Photography image 15

Who or what inspires you?

My family & the couples that trust me to capture their amazing wedding days .

Folega Wedding Photography image 16

Best & Worst marketing idea so far?

Marketing is one of those things that I think most people wished they didn’t have to bother with! I think it’s a combination of lots of different ways to get your name out there that works; social media, wedding fayres & recommendations.

Folega Wedding Photography image 17

If you weren't a photographer, what would you be?

Other than sad… I would more than likely be a teacher as that's what I was aspiring to be before I found my love for photography.

Folega Wedding Photography image 18

Share your favourite image of the day and why?

I adore this image. It was in between me giving them direction & leaving them to have a moment to themselves - usually the best moments are captured in this time. It was just pure love oozing out of both of them.

Folega Wedding Photography image favourite

Do you have any goals for the future photography related or otherwise?

I'd love to be able to travel further afield more & also contemplate the idea of wedding workshops. I'm also opening a studio in the new year where I will offer fine art portraiture & fine art boudoir sessions - so that’s very exciting!

Folega Wedding Photography image 20

What do you think is key to being a successful wedding photographer?

The love for the job - the love for weddings & love! I hope my genuine passion for all things 'love' shows in my work.

Folega Wedding Photography image 21

Are there any other wedding photographers whose work inspires you, can be a well know photographer or somebody you've stumbled across?

There are so many it would be a long list so I'll just name 3 that are on my list somewhere : Jasmine Star, Ross Harvey & Sue Bryce

Folega Wedding Photography image 22

Proudest moment so far. Photography related or otherwise?

Having the courage to start my own business & to keep it going!

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