Wedding Photographer Massachusetts Wayne Chinnock shoots a wedding at The Phoenix Room, Newburyport, MA, United States

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Wedding Photographer : Wayne Chinnock  
Couple : Emily Zilm & Mike Fortier
Wedding Photographer Massachusetts
Ceremony Location : Waterfront Park in Newburyport, MA
Reception : The Phoenix Room, Newburyport, MA
Wedding Date : 28th September 2013

Tell us a little about yourself??

I love real moments and the way we create them in our lives. All my photography is about attempting to capture the perfect moment and perfect light whether I'm capturing weddings, shooting gourmet or doing documentary work.

Wayne Chinnock image 1

How do you think or would like people to describe you?

I think my clients think of me as fun and very busy but unobtrusive, yet always ready to take the lead. I was in restaurant management for years before heading into photography full time so I am very organized on wedding days.

Wayne Chinnock image 2

Tell us a little bit about the wedding day?

Late September is usually pretty stunning along the New England coast. Emily and Mike put together a pretty heavy DIY wedding. He is a graphic designer and game designer and she is a photographer. They wanted me to work with mostly natural light and emphasize capturing candid moments. The field at dusk that we used for the photo walk I have been eying for years and I was so happy they gave into driving there just before sunset to create those images, which are theirs and my favorites.

Wayne Chinnock image 3

How did you get into wedding photography?

I started off shooting food, travel and documentary work with some sales of landscape images and even postcards on Nantucket Island. That turned into clients asking me to do portrait sessions which turned into friends at first asking for me to shoot weddings. After a few years I decided to make wedding photography a bigger business and pursued it more. I have built it into a great business that helps support some of my non-profit work.

Wayne Chinnock image 4

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

13 years

Wayne Chinnock image 5

Can you share how you've made your wedding photography business a success? Any mistakes you made along the way?

My wedding photography business is very referral driven. I want to work with great people that enjoy my creative work and I enjoy photographing them. I have the great pleasure of being referred by some great vendors and obviously some pretty awesome previous clients. I max out at twenty weddings per year so that I can stay focused with my other work as well.

My biggest mistake is that I wish I had worked with a studio early on to get a better idea of how to run my business. Being a very multi-topic photographer can be very daunting at times with all the different contracts, promotional campaigns and more. I've ended up self-teaching myself more that I probably should have.

Wayne Chinnock image 6

What do you think a bride or groom should be looking for and not looking for in terms of wedding photography packages?

I wish every couple was looking for a great photographer that will provide them with a great experience and great images for their special wedding day along with some incentive towards taking home a stunning album in the end. I think every couple should get an heirloom album so I push that pretty hard. I also think its important for wedding packages to offer a good number of hours that the lead photographer shoots and options for second and third photographers if the day's design necessitates it. I think all photographers should offer their clients medium to low resolution images with their logo imbedded which can be used with social media freely.

I think prospective clients need to understand they should not have full rights to use high resolution images as they wish mainly due to social media realm we deal with nowadays. Another thing that clients should not expect is intensive skin smoothing or flesh tone adjustments on every image. I expect to do a great deal of work on the best 100 images that we expect to end up in albums and on their home walls, but not on every image we supply to our clients.

Wayne Chinnock image 7

How do you advertise yourself and what for you has really worked?

I develop relationships with my clients, their friends and their family. If they love me and my images then they will refer the heck out of our business. We also strive to work very well with all the other vendors and end up on their radar for being great to work with. Both of these have worked great for us in addition to having great relationships with fellow photographers; we refer each other.

Wayne Chinnock image 8

Why do you think people hire you?

Simple, I am organized, driven, fun to work with and make pretty good images. My motto is real moments + real photography = real memories. I try to stick to that and people feel that in me.

Wayne Chinnock image 9

How many weddings do you average per year?


Wayne Chinnock image 10

Whose wedding would you love to shoot?

Now: Bruno Mars / 30 years ago: someone like Sting or Peter Gabriel

Wayne Chinnock image 11

If you were asked to shoot a destination wedding, where would you hope it would be?

I love remote drastic landscapes so I would love the Salt Flats of Bolivia - Salar de Uyuni or a remote area of Java, Indonesia. Bali would be great due to the colors.

Wayne Chinnock image 12

What equipment do you have for a typical wedding day?

I carry 3 cameras now, Canon 5DMarkIII, Canon 5DMarkII and another that has the sensor converted to Infrared.

I carry 5-6 lenses: 85mm 1.4 70-200mm 2.8, 16-35mm, 50mm macro, 24-75mm 2.8.
And of-course flashes, umbrellas, and my full studio-style photo booth if clients contract that as well.

Wayne Chinnock image 13

What is the most challenging thing about a wedding.

Moving clients and moving light and moving weather all combined together.

Wayne Chinnock image 14

Do you have an approach to a wedding?

Help them plan the time-line so that it works well with our combined photography objectives. Then stand back, crawl, kneel, jump and get on chairs to get the shots as the day unfolds.

Wayne Chinnock image 15

Who or what inspires you?

Ansel Adams since I was very small, raised in Arizona. Nowadays I follow a lot of documentary work and am most inspired by that form, especially Zoriah Photography

I have about 10 local wedding photographers that I really love and respect. We have regular review nights which inspires great growth.

Wayne Chinnock image 16

Best & Worst marketing idea so far?

Best has been really using Facebook connections with clients and their friends combined with my blogging. Worst was probably just large investments for Google rankings.

Wayne Chinnock image 17

If you weren't a photographer, what would you be?

Landscape architect, Chef or Orthopedic Surgeon

Wayne Chinnock image 18

Share your favourite image of the day and why?

I have been looking at this location outside Newburyport for years when I bicycle in that area or go to Plum Island to photograph nature. I was super excited to introduce the location to the couple and even more excited when they gave into doing the 5 minute drive from their reception venue to this location at dusk to create this image.

Wayne Chinnock image favourite

Do you have any goals for the future photography related or otherwise?

I am working on an ongoing self-portrait series presently and am really inspired by the creative process. I want this project to become a fairly large print show at some point. I have big goals with publishing more work relating to weddings, gourmet photography and my growing documentary work.

Wayne Chinnock image 20

What do you think is key to being a successful wedding photographer?

That's a huge question. I think first of all it is important to remain positive and preserve your patience as you build the business. Create great relationships with your clients, their friends and family members. And remind them that you are around; I call it pleasantly taunting your clients.

Wayne Chinnock image 21

Are there any other wedding photographers whose work inspires you, can be a well know photographer or somebody you've stumbled across?

Carla Ten Eyck of Connecticut and Joe Gonzales Dufresne of Massachusetts.

Wayne Chinnock image 22

Proudest moment so far. Photography related or otherwise?

My father just passed away three weeks ago. He was a engineer and programmer and always seemed most connected to and proud of my older brother who is a also an engineer. During the week after his death it was amazing how many of his close friends told me of my father's great pride in my photography career.

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