Wedding Photographer Provence  Dario Caruso shoots a wedding at Mas de la Rose, France

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Wedding Photographer : Dario Caruso  
Couple : Sophie & François
Wedding Photographer Provence
Ceremony Location : Provence - Eygalières
Reception : Mas de la Rose
Wedding Date : September 2013

Tell us a little about yourself??

I’m an Italian photographer, or maybe a French one, or a Spanish one ...
But I'm also a bit Iranian and a bit Chilean. I don’t really know. I’ve lived in many places since I was born and felt at home everywhere.

Now I live in southern France, with my wonderful wife and two lovely children.

Dario Caruso image 1

How do you think or would like people to describe you?

People usually describe me as funny, intense, sensitive, handsome and very modest.
Well this is just before they know me. I’m kidding! Just call me and you will know yourself!

Dario Caruso image 2

Tell us a little bit about the wedding day?

It’s so difficult to choose just one wedding! I just chose the last one. It was a small wedding (few people) but extremely lively.

Dario Caruso image 3

How did you get into wedding photography?

I’ve been fond of photography since I was a teenager. What I love best is portraits, the art of catching an image of the soul. Weddings are just fantastic. People just expect me to do what I like best! That’s great!

Wedding photography is possibly one of the most complete assignments for a photographer, both technically and in terms of themes which are very rich.

Dario Caruso image 4

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I started professionally in 2008.

Dario Caruso image 5

Can you share how you've made your wedding photography business a success? Any mistakes you made along the way?

Just always being passionate and trying to do the best on every shot of every wedding. The mistake I've sometimes made was not to show my work enough. For me the hardest part of the work is the “commercial” aspect…

Dario Caruso image 6

What do you think a bride or groom should be looking for and not looking for in terms of wedding photography packages?

I think they should, first of all, look at a lot of different pictures, from different photographers. Ask themselves what they like in each photographer’s work. Then they should definitely “fall in love” with one particular photographer.
A common mistake is to look at only some of the pictures on the website and not ask to look at a full day’s work.

Dario Caruso image 7

How do you advertise yourself and what for you has really worked?

Selected websites (like WPS!), awards, and of course the grapevine.

They are also several families that I know very well by now because I've been the photographer of all their weddings for the last five years!

Dario Caruso image 8

Why do you think people hire you?

I suppose that they’re a little bit crazy...
Or maybe they like my pictures.

Dario Caruso image 9

How many weddings do you average per year?

Not many. In order to preserve quality and pleasure I don’t want to be a “shooting factory”. My average is two weddings a month.

Dario Caruso image 10

Whose wedding would you love to shoot?

All weddings are so different. I’ve enjoyed each one of them!
The most important thing is the relationship established with the couple.
The better the feeling, the better the pictures!

Dario Caruso image 11

If you were asked to shoot a destination wedding, where would you hope it would be?

I enjoy shooting different cultures and rituals.
There are so many of them I've not covered yet!

Dario Caruso image 12

What equipment do you have for a typical wedding day?

My basic equipment is a 5D MIII with 24-70mm f2.8 length. But I like to change often and I use fixed focal length lens. That’s a good way to avoid routine work.

Dario Caruso image 13

What is the most challenging thing about a wedding.

A full day wedding often starts at 10 am and ends at 1 am!

The most challenging is to be creative and reactive all day long. The days after a wedding I basically feel the same as after a tough sport competition.

Dario Caruso image 14

Do you have an approach to a wedding?

I like to be a ghost. Walking around unseen, immortalizing each moment of beauty, each part of the story, every expression and every emotion, without interfering.
And in a way that 's what I do. People are often surprised when they see my pictures: "Oh, you where there? I didn't notice you!"

Dario Caruso image 15

Who or what inspires you?

Many artists inspire me, not only photographers.

I'm very sensitive to geometry and composition. I admire the "story tellers"; people who can tell so much in a single image but what inspires me the most is just the beauty I see all around me.

Dario Caruso image 16

Best & Worst marketing idea so far?

What worked the best for me was to be referenced on selected international wedding photographer list.

Worst? Maybe not having asked a professional to work on my internet ranking position.

Dario Caruso image 17

If you weren't a photographer, what would you be?

A writer, or a film maker, or a painter, or a cat.

Dario Caruso image 18

Share your favourite image of the day and why?

I like this very simple picture that shows affection and sensuality.
I like little details that relate big stories...

Dario Caruso image favourite

Do you have any goals for the future photography related or otherwise?

Keep going. Always improving and evolving in my work.

Dario Caruso image 20

What do you think is key to being a successful wedding photographer?

Be yourself, work hard, and think of every single picture as the ultimate one.

Dario Caruso image 21

Are there any other wedding photographers whose work inspires you, can be a well know photographer or somebody you've stumbled across?

Too many all around the world!It is important to be inspired not only by wedding photographers but also by all photographers, films and paintings!

Dario Caruso image 22

Proudest moment so far. Photography related or otherwise?

I'm very proud of my work when I see the happiness on the eyes of my clients!

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