Our Day, Our Story. By Paula + Enrique.

At Wedding Photography Select, we like the stories behind the images told by real couple reminiscing about their wedding day. Our Day, Our Picture, Our Words is a chance for the bride or groom to tell us the story behind one image from their special day. Giving you insight into the images, the wedding photographer and all the emotions experienced throughout their wedding day. We hope it proves to be inspiring and insightful and just a good read over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

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Photography By Look Fotografia

Location : Spain
Website : http://www.lookfotografia.com/  

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Bride + Groom : Paula + Enrique

Wedding Ceremony : Valdelavilla

Wedding Venue : Valdelavilla

We are a Spanish couple who live in London. Since our wedding was always going to be in Spain, we thought that our wedding photographer should be Spanish too, not just because the logistics would be easier but also that it would be easier for us (and our relatives) to engaged with them.

When we began our search for wedding photographers we did not know what to look for. After going through hundreds (or thousands) of blogs and websites and finding pictures that we loved and pictures that we hated, we slowly started to form an idea in our mind of what we really wanted. The minute we found Look Fotografia we fell in love with their work, in particular their black and white pictures. They were telling a story, or many stories at once, they were emotional, some of them funny, touching but above all, they were real. The people in their pictures were not looking at the camera but instead were enjoying their day, or sharing a tear or two with their friends.

Having no doubts about their work, next up was to find out how they were as people. A Skype call with Nacho was enough to convince me to come and meet them both. Sometimes you know that things are right when they feel right, this was one of them. And they proved it a few weeks later in London.

I always thought I was going to feel a bit awkward in front of the camera. And to be honest, so I was when Vinny and Nacho came to London for our pre-wedding shoot. But that only lasted a few minutes. They made us feel at ease and relaxed. You can feel that there is something magical about how they work together. It seems like they know exactly what the other one is thinking. We took them for a walk through Southbank in central London. We must have done that walk hundreds of times. Yet that night it felt a completely different place. Vinny and Nacho just know how to get that shot that no one was thinking of. We finished the night having dinner together, talking about life, friends, and family, like we had known each other all our life. Not only had we found our wedding photographers, but also two new friends.

It is funny that you ask how were they on the wedding day. Because I don't remember much of them. And that is exactly the best thing about it. I don't remember seeing them when I was watching my bride walking down the aisle or when we did our first dance. Yet all you have to do is look at the pictures to realise that they were there, and that they didn't miss a single moment.

Our wedding spanned a whole weekend. We found a small hamlet in the middle of nowhere in Spain that was available to rent for weddings. The village was abandoned some 30 years ago and had been recently renovated to host up to 70 people. Plus it is half way between our hometowns, perfect!

We started the weekend with a fancy dress party on Friday evening followed by a big paella on Saturday. After that, emotions were high. Paula and I live in London, with all our family and most of our friends back in Spain. We had been together for 9 years which means that we have gone through a lot already. Everyone was so keen to be part of our day and I think they also felt like it was their day as well. Everyone contributed with something, there were so many DIY items decorating the entire village, it was wonderful.

The ceremony took place in the evening, followed by the reception drinks and tapas. After that, an amazing three course dinner was served that would give everyone plenty of energy so that we could dance until the sun was up in the sky again. Literally.

The picture is from the very beginning of the ceremony. The bride had just walked down the aisle with her father. Him and the groom's mum, the wedding's Godfather and Godmother, are sharing a hug and a few words. In the picture you can see the groom, looking at the sky and saying thanks in his head to everyone that had made this moment possible. Possibly looking back at the last few months of sorting out wedding details. And trying to tell the clouds to hold it together for a few more hours so that the rain would not spoil the day. In the background, you can see the groom's dad and behind the groom, the master of ceremonies, Paula's auntie and Enrique's brother in law.

Most memorable part? The ceremony. We drafted the ceremony script ourselves. Our family and friends took turns in saying some lovely words about how we met, how we are individually and as a couple and giving us some advice in our future life together. We finished it off by reading our own vows and with a wonderful wedding-selfie that somehow manage to capture everyone!