Our Day, Our Story. By Iacopo Gianassi + Raffaella Becchi.

At Wedding Photography Select, we like the stories behind the images told by real couple reminiscing about their wedding day. Our Day, Our Picture, Our Words is a chance for the bride or groom to tell us the story behind one image from their special day. Giving you insight into the images, the wedding photographer and all the emotions experienced throughout their wedding day. We hope it proves to be inspiring and insightful and just a good read over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

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Photography By Simone Addis

Location : Italy
Website : http://www.simoneaddis.it/  

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Bride + Groom : Iacopo Gianassi + Raffaella Becchi

Wedding Ceremony : La limonaia di Villa rospigliosi

Wedding Venue : Chiesa dell'annunciazione

Simone was one of the Photographers on my wedding day. He often works in collaboration with Thomas Harris. They are a very special wedding photographers because the are very smart to find particular situations and points of view to be captured in every moment during the day. I met them at a another of a friend and I discovered that they were two fresh wedding photographers. They like to work a lot in the background of the wedding capturing the day discreetly.

They are very good at capturing the emotion of the fleeting moments that occur throughout the day. They understand immediately how to work and the result is very very special and unusual and they are just able to capture all the surprise moments you didn't think they would. This is why we decided to call them for our wedding

This picture is PERFECTLY capturing my intense concentration to hit a friend during the opening of the Champagne after we had cut the wedding cake.

It was something like a personal 'vendetta' for me because he did the same to me at his wedding day. Unfortunately I didn't achieve the same result. The cap only did a small explosion out of the top of the bottle and a lot of champagne 'nuke' was just in front of me. Even though I didn't hit him, the surprise and this shot was amazing and they captured in perfectly.

I've have to be honest, I did not expect a lot from my wedding day as it passed so quickly, talking and thanking everyone. Now I can assure that in spite of these reasons, the wedding day was a full range of emotions for me. A special situation that was so worthwhile, to be lived with friends and people that are close to you and your life.

My favourite part of the day was the party after the wedding dinner, it was the moment when the tensions of the day expired and you get to really enjoy your wedding.