Our Day,Our Picture,Our Words.

Bride & Grooms sharing special moments and wedding stories from their wedding day. Learn what's happening and all the emotions behind each picture, a whirlwind of wedding emotions, the high and the lows.

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Image By Iacopo Gianassi + Raffaella Becchi

Iacopo Gianassi + Raffaella Becchi

Simone was one of the Photographers on my wedding day. He often works in collaboration with Thomas Harris. They are a very special wedding photographers because the are very smart

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Image By Mr + Mrs Ho

Mr + Mrs Ho

Our wedding took place in Villa Latitude in Bali, Indonesia. It's a Very beautiful villa which consists on five separate villas. The ceremony itself was on the Cliff and this too h

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Image By Catherine + Guillaume

Catherine + Guillaume

We are both from Belgium but we've lived in Geneva for 5 years now. We wanted our friends and family to discover the beauty of where we live. Hence our decision to celebrate our we

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Image By Marcelo +

Marcelo +

Our wedding day was more relaxed than we had expected. There were no complications (that I was aware of) so everything went smoothly. I was slightly nervous right before the church

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Image By Carrie Ho + ChiHwa Cheung

Carrie Ho + ChiHwa Cheung

In Chinese tradition, the groom needs to pick the bride up at his house before the dinner party (Door Game). At that time, I just got in the car and 'GouGou' suddenly appeared next

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Image By Janaina + Anderson

Janaina + Anderson

We had Mansano Fotografia as our wedding photographer. They were very kind with us and our guests. They seemed t

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Image By Paula + Enrique

Paula + Enrique

We are a Spanish couple who live in London. Since our wedding was always going to be in Spain, we thought that our wedding photographer should be Spanish too, not just because the

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