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  • Image /var/www/vhosts/lvps92-60-120-255.vps.webfusion.co.uk/weddingphotographyselect/international/log-in/profiles/server/php/files/402560/Judith-Belle----416.jpg By Judith Belle
  • Image /var/www/vhosts/lvps92-60-120-255.vps.webfusion.co.uk/weddingphotographyselect/international/log-in/profiles/server/php/files/402560/adventurestories---4.jpg By Judith Belle

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South Africa


Judith Belle  

Adventures are everywhere and it is my mission to document them. My style is relaxed, documentary and with a strong artistic approach. Some photos I plan with a more conceptual idea in mind and it is usually these iconic images that stand out as my adventure portraits. I love playing with light, using reflections and capturing the little moments in between. All of these things are ideal to create an adventure story.

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