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  • Image /var/www/vhosts/lvps92-60-120-255.vps.webfusion.co.uk/weddingphotographyselect/international/log-in/profiles/server/php/files/3978/238-Ana-Valentin-1.jpg By Alex Pasarelu
  • Image /var/www/vhosts/lvps92-60-120-255.vps.webfusion.co.uk/weddingphotographyselect/international/log-in/profiles/server/php/files/3978/birdjoye-3.jpg By Alex Pasarelu
  • Image /var/www/vhosts/lvps92-60-120-255.vps.webfusion.co.uk/weddingphotographyselect/international/log-in/profiles/server/php/files/3978/wps propose (3).jpg By Alex Pasarelu
  • Image /var/www/vhosts/lvps92-60-120-255.vps.webfusion.co.uk/weddingphotographyselect/international/log-in/profiles/server/php/files/3978/wps12.jpg By Alex Pasarelu
  • Image /var/www/vhosts/lvps92-60-120-255.vps.webfusion.co.uk/weddingphotographyselect/international/log-in/profiles/server/php/files/3978/wps2.jpg By Alex Pasarelu

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Alex Pasarelu  

Hi, I am Alex and I am your love storyteller! Im based in Romania, but I do destination weddings in Europe. Would love to document your wedding no matter where will take place. My only scope is to offer you the best photographic experience and the most beautiful images and memories. https://bellefoto.ro/destination-weddings/

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